Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eight Months

Sarah is eight months old today! Someone needs to give Father Time a memo for me. "Slow down!!!" And while you're talking to Father Time could you let Mother Nature know that I would appreciate it if the weather would stay above 35 degrees. And if it has to be that cold or colder at least let it snow. Anyway, back to Sarah.

Seriously, my baby is growing and learning like crazy! I had the opportunity to see my friend's fresh out of the oven baby and I was amazed at how gargantuan Sarah looked. I can barely remember Sarah being that tiny. Now she's all over the place. She crawls everywhere and pulls up on anything within reach. It used to be that she just made it to her knees, but she has graduated to full on standing. I have vague memories of a child that was immobile and stayed right where you left them. If I get up to put a dish in the sink or even take a few minutes to use the restroom without putting Sarah in the pack n play, well who knows where she will be. My pack n play is my new favorite baby gadget! Fill it with toys and Sarah is content for at least 5 minutes, which is just long enough to dress and brush my teeth and hair.

Sarah's latest trick is clicking her tongue. She figured it out yesterday, and she will do it for hours! Usually if you do it back or clap for her, she stops. She is also mesmerized by the Christmas tree and lights. Lucky for us, she just likes to look and not really touch. That in itself is strange to me, because Sarah loves textures and to feel things. Unless it's food.

Solid foods have been sort of a challenge as of lately. Sarah really doesn't like to have much texture to her food. It took her a while to figure out chewing and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with puffs or table food. If her food wasn't completely smooth, then she wasn't going to eat it. That changed around last week. She gobbles up puffs and even manages two or three at a time. The funny thing about that is, she won't feed them to herself. I pour a few into my hand and before I can really pass them to her she face plants into my palm. It's a little like feeding the goats at a petting zoo.

We have come so far from that little baby we took home for the hospital. She turns into more of a little girl everyday!
Look at those two teeth! She's working on getting a matching set on the top!

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The Siders House Rules said...

Yes, my fresh out of the oven guy is quite small in comparison. How is it possible that Sarah is less than a year older, only 8 months older than him? Waaahhh. It makes me sad but I'm not going to fast forward. I know all the stages are great - having her be so mobile and interactive has got to be wonderful, although quite tiring. John will be there soon enough. Hard to believe.