Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Already?

I am pretty sure that the second half of this week just flew by! I remember thinking on Wednesday that the week was dragging, and now here I am with a weekend that's almost gone. But it's been a good few days for us.

Thursday, my mom came over and helped me get a start on organizing Sarah's room and closet to make space for our son's stuff that will be stored in there. We plan on having him in our room for the first couple of months at least and then maybe having the kids share Sarah's room. There's no specific timeline laid out for us and I'm totally okay with that. I prefer to have more flexibility than structure when it comes to parenting.

Friday we had a play date at the pool with our friends Jamie and Bo! She is a friend from my life group (Bible study) and her son is the cutest little two year old. Sarah and Bo get along so well, and they are fricken adorable together. Thursday was the first time that Sarah really seemed to be communicating with him and she said his name over and over and over again. She even talked about him before we left for the pool and after we got home. Apparently Bo does the same with Sarah. Maybe a future romance? At the very least, they have a blooming friendship.

And today was a really interesting Saturday for me. See, I accepted a position on the leadership team for MOPS last night and we had a planning meeting from 8:00 to 4:00 today. I don't usually spend that much time away from Sarah, and I rarely leave her before she wakes up for the day. I was a little worried that she would be a handful for Daddy today, but she wasn't. Ryan and Sarah were able to spend the whole day together and I was glad they got to have that quality time. It's not that often that I am away for extended periods of time, and it's good for her to realize that Mommy doesn't have to be the one that does everything for her.  Anyway, I am really excited about MOPS for this coming school year and where God is going to lead us! Although the next few weeks have to potential to be really crazy with all the start up for MOPS really getting going and the baby due in a little over three weeks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

We started off our weekend by celebrating Ryan's 26th birthday! And it was a great celebration too. Both sides of our family got together at Ryan's parents' house and we had delicious food. After dinner we did the whole present thing, and let me tell you, my husband is one spoiled man! He got nearly everything on his birthday list and then some. He has enough snacks to stock his office for a few months if not longer! But we were all happy to get things for him, because he rarely spends any money on himself these days. After presents came the dessert! I made a strawberry-rhubarb crumble courtesy of (I was really worried about how it would come out, but it was absolutely scrumptious!

Saturday was a pretty low key day for us. Our little family of three went and spent the early afternoon with my folks at the mall (because the darn heat wave made outdoor plans impossible). Sarah was spoiled by Grandma, who bought her some new clothes for next fall and summer. After our mall trip and lunch, we headed home for naps (which only lasted about a half hour) and then got ready for another birthday party. This time we were celebrating Sarah's friend Bo's 2nd birthday! His mom did a great job with decorations and planning. The theme was cookie monster and everything was absolutely perfect. And the heat wave made the pool party that much better! Nothing nicer than a dip in the pool when the thermometer is pushing 112 and you have to double (or triple) check it to make sure you aren't seeing things. Sarah passed out on the way home and tricked Ryan and I into thinking we would have a pretty restful night. Turns out she was up all night due to teeth, heat, stubbornness, or something else. It was exhausting. Needless to say we were ready to sleep in on Sunday.

And sleep we did until 9:40. Sarah woke up then and we had to get ready for church pretty quickly. Luckily we made it on time and then we were able to come home and nap for a good two hours. And then we spent the rest of the day being lazy. We headed to my parents;' house to score some free BBQ pork for dinner and then came back home to get ready for bed. And Sarah decided to bless us with a night free of waking up every hour or so! I was happy to get some uninterrupted sleep once I finally got there. (This third trimester insomnia is starting to kick my butt.) How was everyone else's weekend? Busy or slow?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

35 Weeks Down

  1. How far along - 35 weeks and 1 day
  2. Total weight gain - I am up 21 pounds total
  3. Maternity clothes? - Yes, but surprisingly I find that the clothes that fit me best are just bigger sizes of non maternity items
  4. Sleep - it's so random, some nights I can pass out and others I am up until who knows when
  5. Best moment this week - Realizing that there is just about a month left until this baby is due
  6. Movement-  Smaller movements the more cramped he gets
  7. Food cravings - Sweets and anything unhealthy!
  8. Labor signs - None officially, but a lot of back aches, hip pain, and a few contractions here and there
  9. Belly button in or out - Out and very noticeable
  10. What I miss - Being able to sit up without any pain in my hips
  11. What I'm looking forward to - Meeting this baby 

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    I take it back

    Remember when I said I liked being pregnant in the summer?? Yeah, I remember it too. And if it was a normal summer than I swear I wouldn't complain. The problem is this massive heat wave that has hit the Midwest. Temperatures are over 100 degrees every day with heat indexes close to 120! (Did I mention that poor husband has no a/c in his car and a broken driver's side window? Yeah I made him take my car today so he wouldn't die if there was a traffic back up on the highway.)

    It's too hot for normal outdoor activities. We can't go to the playground because all the equipment burns your skin within a nanosecond. Going on a walk is out of the question, we both end up as sweaty messes. Swimming has become the only thing left to do, but even then it's sometimes just too stinkin' hot. I worry about heat exhaustion, sunburns, and staying hydrated. So we've taken to being recluses almost.

    Sarah and I stay inside and play, which results in some long days here. Sarah gets bored easily and likes a change of scenery every now and then. I feel bad if I keep her cooped up too long, but like I said it's really too hot to go outside. And it just so happens that all Sarah wants to do is be "ow-siiide". I do change it up every couple of days with a trip to the store or mall. But those can get boring quickly too. So what do you guys do to beat the heat? I'm open to suggestions.

    Saturday, July 16, 2011


    Lately I feel like our lives are just hanging in limbo. We are not a family of four yet, but on the other hand not the same little family of three we used to be. We're just in this in-between phase. The waiting is infuriating, exciting, and more than a little scary. We are entering the point in pregnancy where this little guy could decide to make his debut at any point!

    As my pregnancy has progressed, I've had to relax a little more and not be as hands-on with Sarah as I would like to be. My belly (and now my super swollen feet) sometimes limit the activities we can do during the day. That in turn makes me feel super guilty, but the good news is I don't think Sarah has noticed. I find myself wanting to soak in these last few weeks of having an "only child". I don't want to miss any of the little moments or miss making memories with my first born. I know she's only 15 months old and won't remember this phase of her life, but I will. I want to know that we made the best of things. I want to remember our crazy busy days and our times where we just lounged around in pj's all day. And it's kind of sad to think that it won't always be just her and I anymore. I will have to split my time and won't always be able to get Sarah right away if she needs me for something.

    But then there's the exciting part. The anticipation of this new little life. Who will he look like? What personality traits will he inherit? I can't wait to see Sarah interact with her brother and hopefully be nice and gentle with him. I remember how loving and patient Ryan was with Sarah as a newborn and I can't wait to see that all over again with this baby. (Not to mention he is an all time pro at swaddling!) I can't wait for the newborn snuggles and a baby that *gasp* isn't mobile!

    Yep, our lives are about to change in numerous big ways! But for right now, I'm going to drink in my remaining time as a family of three. We'll go to the pool, play at home, snuggle at bedtime, and do all the things we usually do. But I'll remember to cherish it, because soon it'll only be memories. And when our little baby boy gets here, I'll look forward to the memories we'll make as a family of four!

    Friday, July 8, 2011

    Our Son is Due Next Month!!

    1. How far along - 33 weeks and 2 days
    2. Total weight gain - I am up seventeen pounds total
    3. Maternity clothes? - Yep, and I'm outgrowing them too. :(
    4. Sleep - If I get a nap in during the day it's okay. If not then I am usually pretty tired because I am up 2 - 3 times a night and not able to go back to sleep 
    5. Best moment this week - Totally not related to this baby, but Sarah finally has enough hair for pigtails!
    6. Movement-  Yep but definitely more at night 
    7. Food cravings - Um chocolate cake which is really odd for me.
    8. Labor signs - None officially, but a lot of back aches, hip pain, and Braxton Hicks
    9. Belly button in or out - Out unless the baby moves all the way over to one side.
    10. What I miss - I really just want a beer to go with all this grilled food we've been having.
    11. What I'm looking forward to - Meeting this baby and no more waddling!

      Wednesday, July 6, 2011

      15 Month Stats and Wordless Wednesday Dino Edition

      Sarah's appointment went really well today. It was the first time that she didn't freak out when the doctor tried to use a stethoscope or tongue depressor on her. She was totally calm and the pediatrician was really impressed with her behavior. And I apparently have a very advanced talker on my hands. Her doctor could not believe how many words she knew and how many she used just in the short appointment. She's also hitting some developmental milestones typical of two year olds. (I'm talking hand eye coordination and mimicking things.)

      Anyway here are her stats.

      • She weighs 21 lbs 6.4 oz (28%)
      • She is 30 in (28%)
      • Her head circumference is 46 cm (55%)
      It looks like her proportions are getting a little more even. She's no longer a bobble head doll (small body, big head). Overall the pediatrician was very happy with her progress.

      And here are a few pictures of Sarah's new obsession. She can now say dinosaur and loves the PBS show Dinosaur Train. She points to the TV and begs for "dine-a-saw".

      This is just her eating salt and vinegar chips with her adorable pigtails!

      We were laughing at her facial expressions which made her laugh.

      Sunday, July 3, 2011

      15 Months Old

      Technically she turned 15 months old yesterday, but she's still 15 months old today so it counts right? And she doesn't have her 15 month check up until Wednesday so I'm going to consider this post pretty much on time.

      The one thing I can tell you for sure about this age, is that I love it! Sarah is so much fun to interact with on a daily basis. She's constantly learning something new and she is such a little joker! This girl knows how to get a reaction from you and if you don't give her the one she wants, she keeps trying until she finally gets the laugh or smile or cheer that she was expecting.

      I think some moms are perfect for the cuddly newborn stage. Their arms are made to hold babies and they instinctively know just what it is that baby needs. Others are made for the toddler stage. They thrive on the activity and bustle of keeping an active kiddo entertained. They get really excited about teaching things like colors, words, and, animal sounds! I believe I fall into the second category.

      Don't get me wrong, I loved Sarah as a newborn and I will love my son as a newborn. And not every mom will fall into one category or the other, but I personally feel that I am much more comfortable with a toddler that can semi-communicate than I was with my brand new baby. Although, my heart does leap into my throat every time she takes a tumble and gets scraped. And there are times when I think I may pull out all of my hair because of toddler tantrums.  Still I think the fun and excitement outweigh the frustrations most of the time. We haven't hit the terrible twos yet so I may change my mind. But with that being said, I am one proud toddler mama!

      Sarah is such a smart girl and she is learning something new everyday. I'll do her stats after her doctor visit on Wednesday.

      • She can identify pictures of a: frog, bear, bird, duck, puppy, kitty, fish, bottle, baby, monkey, and various family members
      • Knows the sounds of: elephant, puppy, kitty, bird, owl, bear, dinosaur, frog, monkey, cow, and car
      • Has an ever increasing vocabulary: bye bye (so cute), binkie, baby, kitty, puppy, sit down, Mommy, Daddy, cheese, please, thank you (dank oo), outside, bubbles, ball, hi, fish, sheep, and she pretty much can repeat what you tell her to
      • She can say the names of a lot of the pets in our families: Koko, Rowdy (Rowbie), Penny (Pemmy), Hector (Hot tea)
      • So active: she runs, spins in circles, wrestles, gives hugs, gives kisses
      • Oh and a major milestone we hit ... having enough hair for pigtails!!
      Remember those tumbles that result in scrapes? Yeah she fell on Grandma's porch and scared me!

      Too cute!

      I'm so excited that she has enough hair for this!