Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What a Day

Some times you have days where you are basking in domestic glory, thinking you should be crowned mother of the year! You know because all the kids are clean, fed, happy, and well rested because they didn't fight a single nap or bedtime. Oh wait, most of the time those are just dreams. Because then you have a day like I did where reality popped any dream bubble of domestic bliss I may have possessed.

Monday started out with plans, which by the way is never how a day should be started if you have two little ones. I really wanted to whip up a few batches of pancakes to freeze, so we could have ready made breakfasts on hand. (Just an FYI pancakes can freeze for up to 3 months and are easily thawed and warmed in a toaster or toaster oven) So anyway, I wanted to make several different flavors and amaze Sarah with all these new choices for breakfast. I figured I could get it done during the afternoon nap. All illusions of grandeur.

First I woke up completely exhausted and with a killer headache. And it wasn't really Andrew's fault that I was tired. I got plenty of sleep so I guess my body was just behind the times. When Sarah got up, which is usually when and why I get up, I got her changed and settled down with breakfast. I had changed Andrew and put him on his play gym already. So Sarah is trapped, I mean strapped, into her booster seat and I turn on PBS and crash on the couch. Not intentional at all. I woke up to Sarah telling me she was done and Andrew was still happy as can be playing. Thank God for trays and seatbelts.

Well my headache was still there but we desperately needed to get milk so out of the house we ventured. Everyone got dressed and we headed to go pick up my sister (who was out of school because of a kidney stone - fun for her). She couldn't drive because of her pain meds, but I thought it would be nice for her to get out for a bit too. So we drove to my mom's house to pick her up. This was Andrew's first nap of the day, maybe 10 - 15 minutes he slept in the car.

I got milk and lunch (while my sister stayed in the car with the kids and the Veggie Tales CD that has taken up residence in the car) and then we came back to the apartment to eat. Cue my sister saying she has some friends who want to see her after school and she needs to be back home so they can come by. Ugh, so we load everyone back up and head back across town to take her home. Delaying nap times and causing meltdowns. When the kids and I finally got back home, I was juggling a sleeping toddler, a diaper bag, an infant carrier, and a grocery sack with milk. (No, I won't take two trips, it's much easier to overload then go back out, right?)

Sarah stayed asleep, but Andrew was against sleeping at this point. I rocked, nursed, pleaded, and begged for about an hour and a half before he finally caved ... for another 10 minute nap! Yep, my good sleeper is gone. I'm hoping it's new teeth or something causing it, because I liked his old sleep patterns.  My plans for pancakes or even a nap myself (because I was still dealing with the killer headache) were completely shattered. Ryan got home from work and I was so done with the day already. But there was still a lot more to handle. We went to my mom's to eat, so we didn't have to stress about cooking or procuring some kind of fast food. (We had Chipotle and I scored some great Sunday newspaper coupons! Highlight of the day right there.)

Then, when we were finally home for the night, both kids fought sleep like it was their mortal enemy. Andrew didn't go down until after 10:00 and Sarah stayed up playing in her crib until after 11:00. And those pancakes that I so naively thought I would get done, well I finished them about midnight. One batch, and Sarah better fricken LOVE them.

Some days reality bites, but you brush it off and hope that the next day will be domestic bliss, or at least closer than today was!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nights and Mornings

If I had my way, I'd sleep until noon everyday and stay up all night. Unfortunately, as a stay at home mom I don't really have that option. Well I kind of do on the weekends, Ryan is completely wonderful and lets me sleep in as late as I want on Saturdays while he takes care of Sarah. (The proof of a good husband right there!!) But to be honest, I still have it pretty good on the weekdays.

I am a night owl by nature. I have never been the kind of person that pops out of bed ready to take on the world. I'm more of a "take your head off if you talk to me before I'm fully awake" person. But since having kids, I've learned to tame my inner morning beast and be more patient with our mornings. But the mornings usually aren't too rough, as my kids seem to have inherited my nocturnal nature. They go to bed around 9:00 or 9:30 and don't get up until sometime between 8:30 and 10:00! I think the later bedtime also makes the kids a bit more flexible if we have things that keep them up, because they aren't used to going to bed right after dinner time. Although there are sometimes when it doesn't work out too well, and we have a 5 month old that wants to get up and party from 2:00 - 4:00 AM or a toddler who refuses to wind down.

This system works out great for us for the most part. It does make getting out of the house before 10:00 a little difficult sometimes, but since I know this I usually schedule things later. Honestly, I get the best of both worlds. With a late bedtime for me (1:30 or 2:00 AM) I get some down time without kids and to clean up the apartment at night, and in the morning I get to enjoy happy and well rested kiddos. I hate the days when I have to force them out of bed early. I'm already dreading school and that's years away.

I'm curious how other people do their bedtimes and mornings, because I know ours is not the norm for most. But it works for us.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Since Andrew was sick last week and I didn't do much blogging, I thought I would post a few more pictures than usual to kind of "catch up."

Sarah's rocking the ponytail!

Complete with clip to pin up the baby hairs

Sarah and Andrew hanging out in Sarah's crib

My super sweet boy!

Sarah being silly

Tummy time

Friday, January 20, 2012

5 Months

Our little guy is officially 5 months old today! Here's a few things about him this month.

  • He's in size 3 diapers
  • Wearing 9 month (!!!) clothing 
  • Weighs 16 lbs 9.5 oz (Sarah weighed 15 lb at 6 months)
  • He is currently getting over his very first stomach flu bug, which is why the blogging has been scarce this week
  • Andrew LOVES his jumperoo! By love I mean he would stay in it for hours if we let him
  • He talks and yells a lot. Normally his yells are happy yells and he likes to get really loud when I'm trying to put Sarah down for a nap, when I'm on the phone, or when we're out in public. Generally if I need/want him to be quiet he's loud. But it's cute so it's not too bad.
  • He currently only rolls belly to back
  • He sits up unassisted for a few seconds at a time.
  • Nursing is still going really well. Our chunky guy eats every 2 - 4 hours. 
  • Sleeping is a non issue with Andrew. If he's tired, all we have to do is lay him down in his room and he'll put himself to sleep within minutes without ANY crying at all. He takes 3 naps a day and sleeps about 12 hours a night with 1 -2 wakings for food.
  • We haven't started solids yet, and I think we may wait until closer to six months because when we had to syringe feed him pedialyte, he kept pushing the syringe out with his tongue.
  • He loves his sister bunches! His eyes light up and he smiles big whenever she talks to him.
  • I still get to snuggle him because he loves being held.
  • Two teeth are all the way in on the bottom and I don't see any signs of more ... yet. But then again his first two came in without any warning.
  • Tummy time is no longer a struggle now that he has total head control.
  • He makes this cute little face where he chews on his lips. So cute!
  • He loves to stand and will pull himself up if you give him your hands when he's in your lap.
  • I'm sure there's tons more, but all I can say is I love this boy SOOOOO much!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Something about the second child

There is a lot to be said about the first kid. Your first pregnancy is a once in a lifetime opportunity, where you have the time to relax and absorb the whole being pregnant experience. Then the baby gets here and it's a whole world of firsts and "what the heck am I doings". And then you settle into a routine (still with a lot of not having a clue about some things), but it's good. You feel like "Wow, I really am a mom" and your heart doesn't feel like it can expand anymore.

Then the second baby comes. And yes, it's a lot less relaxing and easy going, because now you have someone else to take care of on top of being pregnant. You don't have time to endlessly research (or maybe that was just me) and indulge all those cravings. Heck if you're lucky enough to be pregnant while also having a toddler, it's sometimes a struggle just to find time to eat anything at all. But then that second baby gets here and you have a lot of "I know what this is about", "been there, I can handle this" moments. But that second baby is no less magical and all of a sudden your heart really does grow to make room for all the love you feel. And then it hits you "holy crap I have two kids!"

But what I wasn't expecting at all, was watching the bonding between my kiddos. Oh I knew that Sarah liked to "help" me in her own way. And she liked to kiss Andrew and talk to him. But lately, the first question she asks when she wakes up is "Where Anu go?" (followed by where Daddy go. No good morning Mommy at all *sigh*) And after she gets out of her crib and changed she likes to come out to the living room and say "good mo-ning baby boy". And his face totally lights up when he sees her!! He smiles and gets all giggly.

Tonight (Sunday evening) Sarah wanted to read him a book and so she sat on the couch with Andrew next to her, showing him all the pictures and laughing when he grabbed at it. And then she asked to "oshi" (hold) Andrew before bed. They laid on the couch next to each other holding hands and playing together. It totally melted this Mama's heart and I can't wait to see what else is in store, well except for the fighting, the tantrums, the jealousy, and the teen years. Okay, so maybe I want to stay in the here and now!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've decided that's my word for 2012. Appreciate. No resolutions that I won't remember in another few weeks, just one word. I really want to take the time this year to look around and realize how truly blessed I am in my life. I have two wonderful little people in my life and a strong marriage to a great man. Those 3 things right there make my life something to appreciate, even without all of the material things we are blessed with.

2011 was a great year and it brought so many joys with it! But I found myself wishing for a lot of things also. You know the I wish we had's ... more money, a bigger car, a newer TV, more space to live in, etc. Isn't that just human nature though? To always want more of what we have and if possible a better version of it. So I'm going to strive to fully appreciate everything I have in 2012. It's going to be hard sometimes, I know that. Especially since we are looking for a place to move to soon. (Our lease ends at the end of April and we've decided not to renew it... trusting God that we made the right decision and that He'll guide us to the right home.)

As a stay at home mom, it's really easy to get wrapped up in everyday life/stress and forget how much of a blessing it is to be home with your kids, watching them grow and learn. Sometimes the missed naps, the 100th poopy diaper, the whining, or the lack of personal space seem to be the only things in your life. But instead of focusing on those things, I want to appreciate my kids for who they are not just what they do during the day. Like how Sarah wants to help me with EVERYTHING. Seriously she throws away diapers, dusts, helps with laundry! I hope she keeps it up in her teen years. She is such a smart, beautiful, and caring girl. I love her to bits. And Andrew, that boy totally has my heart. He's such a loving snuggle bug! And I need to really start appreciating my marriage more. I love the man I married, and all the little things like chores and disagreements are not things to be focused on. He loves me, takes care of me and our children financially, and totally cherishes our kiddos! So 2012, I'm gonna appreciate everything you give me, bring my way, and show me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

  • These smell absolutely amazing!! I love this candle. 
  • White chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies =YUMMY!
  • Nap time today was absolutely blissful! Andrew slept for nearly 4 hours and Sarah for 2! 
  • My MOPS meeting today was really informative. We had a local coupon expert come in and explain the basics of organizing and using coupons. I have to admit that I am pretty pumped to try couponing again. Not like extreme coupon/hoarder version but cutting back on expenses in a good way.
  • We're starting Andrew on solids soon and I have to admit I am not as excited about it as I was with Sarah. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that my little tanker will not be as picky as his sister was and still is. 
  • I recently discovered that I need to cut back on my caffeine again. My body and caffeine aren't friends, but I do love me some pop and the occasional coffee drink. So I'm trying to cut back to one pop a day. 
  • In regards to cutting back on caffeine I'm also trying to up my water intake again. While I was pregnant and int the beginning of nursing, I was doing really well. Not so much anymore. 
  • I love watching my little man jumping around in his jumperoo and I especially get a kick out of watching him pass out in it. 
  • I really should be packing the kids' diaper bags instead of blogging, so off I go.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Finish Up

Here's the last three pictures from our Christmas fun! These were taken on Christmas Eve at my in-laws' house! The kids are great!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look What I Figured Out

Sarah's birthday theme! (I know it's still 3 months away.)

Anyway, the girl loves Beauty and the Beast (3 Belle dolls at home and a few more at Grammy's) and it will be her "golden" birthday (turning 2 on the 2nd). So this combines the golden theme and something she loves together. I am so excited to plan it! The only downside is, that it's incredibly hard to find decorations with Belle by herself, she's always in the Disney Princess "gang". But I've got three months to look and order right?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from our family to yours! We are currently wrapping up the loose ends of holiday break. Ryan and I spent the day rearranging the play area and making room for all the new toys. We also tried to make it a little more organized and easier to clean up/find things.

Ryan goes back to work tomorrow, so I am soaking up all the rest of my "free" time. The extra set of hands this past week has been absolutely wonderful, but tomorrow life falls back into routine. And here's hoping 2012 is as happy or happier than 2011 was!