Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sarah is 3!

My baby girl is officially three today. To be honest, I feel like the last year flew by so fast. It was full of growing, change, and new adventures. But it also had a lot of love and some challenges too.

When I look at Sarah's face now, it's harder to see the "baby" there. Sometimes when she makes certain facial expressions or turns her head a certain way, you can still see slight traces. But more often than not when I look at her, I can't help but think "When did she get so big?" The good thing is, I don't feel an overwhelming sense of sadness over leaving the baby years behind us. I am so excited to see what is waiting for us in the years to come.

This girl is definitely on her way to change the world, or at least to make a major difference somewhere. Her energy is boundless, and she constantly amazes me with how smart she is. Her passion for life and her sensitive nature are going to be huge assets to her when she finds what it is she wants to do as an adult.

And while she may be a "big girl" now, I know she still needs Mama for things. And I'm determined to live in the moment with her and soak up the last of her little years before she is too big to snuggle me or give me kisses whenever or wherever she is. 

So happy birthday sweet, sassy girl. And many more to come!
Family photo!

In her "funny guys" or One Direction night gown. She loves them thanks to Aunt Codie!

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