Friday, July 6, 2012

10 Months

Andrew's 10 month "birthday" was a couple of weeks ago. I know I say it all the time, but man is he growing up quick! I'm often surprised by how big he looks or the things that he does. He is such a blessing to us and I am getting really excited to start planning his birthday party!

10 month update:

  • He's about 21 pounds (still less than big sister)
  • 18 month clothing
  • Size 4 diapers
  • Pulling up on everything! He will use people, furniture, toys, and even dogs to get himself into a standing position.
  • He's just starting to cruise around the furniture, but he hasn't quite mastered the confidence to do it all the time yet.
  • Our blue push toy that we bought for Sarah's first Christmas is back! Andrew loves getting behind it and "walking." His eyes light up and he lets out a whole bunch of happy squeals and laughs. He also loves pushing our Cozy Coup around.
  • We've completely abandoned baby food. Andrew eats what everyone else eats and often more than I do. The kid loves protein! Any type of meat is his favorite. 
  • He finally got the fourth bottom tooth in and two more on top. So the grand total of teeth in his mouth is 8! Although, I suspect there might be more coming in judging by the amount of drool he produces.
  • He loves his sippy cup and ALL of Sarah's cups. More often than not I am trying to keep him away from Sister's drinks unless we want a major melt down from her.
  • Speaking of getting into Sister's stuff, Andrew is a master at it. He's taken a special liking to anything that Sarah is playing with. It doesn't matter if there are two of the EXACT same toy, it has to be the one SHE has. Hence the problem.
  • Sleeping has gotten much better. Andrew generally cries anywhere from 2 - 15 minutes before falling asleep. And I think the crying is more of a separation anxiety than actually being put in his crib. He's also started crying when I drop him off at the church nursery.
  • He says a few distinguishable words but the most frequent one is Papa. He loves my dad! And he was saying Hello into a toy phone earlier today. 
  • He's not only a master at getting into Sarah's things, but he also manages to find the one place or thing he shouldn't be in ALL the time. He loves crawling off at top speed to find something he shouldn't have. He's our trouble maker!
  • He's still pretty laid back unless it comes to food, and then he does whatever he can to get to it. He makes this adorable little scrunchy face or yells "doh doh" at you until he gets a bite.
10 months old and so big!

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