Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andrew's 12 Month Stats

In the midst of all that is life, I realized I never got around to putting up Andrew's stats from his one year appointment. Now that's he's almost 14 months, here is what he can do or what he has accomplished as of right now!

  • 21 lbs 9.6 oz 30%
  • 28 3/4 inches 25%
  • Head circumference 19 1/2 inches (Off the charts) Although we managed to avoid any additional testing like MRI's or CAT scans because his head stayed on the same growth pattern and didn't jump up further off the charts.
  • 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth, and 4 molars.
  • Loves to play ball
  • Is OBSESSED with pigs! Seriously, he loves them. He screams PIG whenever he sees one
  • He's attempting silverware usage, but gets much less frustrated with his hands.
  • Still uses a bottle, but he loves his cup too.
  • Know where his toes are
  • Loves to dance. Anytime music comes on, he is shaking his little booty. But his absolute favorite song in the whole world is "Some Nights" by Fun (edited of course).
  • Says "sock, shoe, Zach, Dodo (Codie), Papa, Mama, Dada, Mammy (Grammy), Sissy, pih (pig), doh (dog), kitty, ball, noo noo (which means I want what you have)
  • Not only walks, which he mastered around 12 1/2 months but he runs places. One of his favorite games is playing chase with Sarah
  • Claps
  • Plays peek a boo
  • He's accident prone. He bonks his head A LOT. A few days ago he feel into the coffee table and he's sporting a Frankenstein-esque bump/gash on his forhead. Complete with green color.
  • Loves his toy cars, both ride on and little ones
  • He likes knocking down block towers and building them back up again
  • Another favorite activity is playing with stacking cups
  • He spends a lot of time "helping" whether it's putting away dishes or dusting or vacuuming. He loves to help clean and it's always pretty amusing to let him.
  • He can take off his socks and shoes and loves to do so in the car especially
  • His cousins are now 9 months old and he finds them pretty amusing to play with. And he's started being a lot more gentle with them, so they enjoy his company too. 
  • Yammers to himself in "baby speak" a lot. I wish there was some way to know what he means when he says "bwee bwee" because he says it a lot.
It's been an amazing 13 almost 14 months with this little guy. He is the perfect blend of laid back, active, sweet and snuggly, and rough and tumble. I am so blessed to have a healthy and happy little boy! And I know that the future will hold more adventure, frustrations, fun times, and love!

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