Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy November

Still working on a redesign idea and a new name ... but for now enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities.

A quick update on us. House hunting has been a long and time consuming process, and has pretty much been our main focus for the last month or so! BUT We may have found our house! We just finished inspections and are on round two of negotiations with it and I'm hoping we can be moved and settled before Christmas. (Mostly because I want to get a cliche "our new home" ornament. Silly I know.) But I really hope everything comes through, because both Ryan and I had an "ah ha" moment when we walked into this house. You know the "this is our house, stop traipsing all over town to look at more" moment. Suffice it to say, I would be kind of really frustrated if we had to start all over again. So we're praying hard right now that things go well!

I got a job! I'm now a part time barista (coffee shop worker) again. It's something I did throughout high school and college. I'm good at it, well actually I'm really good at it. At one point I had lofty dreams of owning my own coffee place and making a living out of it. Then the economy tanked and real life took over. (One baby right after another.) But for now, I am loving having a job in the evenings. Adult interaction and extra cash, what could be better right? Honestly, it's probably one of the best things I have done for myself and my kids in a long time. Having a focus other than my kids, has been incredibly good for me. I feel more balanced, even amid all the added "busy-ness" of having a job.

The kids are doing well. Both of them are fast moving and into everything. We have most definitely reached the terrible twos. I've come to call it the time when selective hearing develops in kids! Seriously, Sarah hears me but doesn't listen about 90% of the time! Incredibly frustrating, but then she does something endearing like saying "Mommy I lub you sooo much". And I temporarily forget why I was mad, until she starts back up doing EXACTLY what I told her not to do 10 seconds beforehand. Andrew, is learning new words everyday and has made it his goal to find anything and everything that can be deemed climb-able. I think we may have some broken arms in his future. Seriously, the kid climbs EVERYTHING!

So between the house finding, the new job, and my wild and crazy kiddos, life is moving at an incredibly fast pace. Luckily, we had  family pictures Saturday and I think we got some really cute shots. I love that I have the opportunity to document this time in our lives, because I know when I look back on it years from now, I'll wonder how I let it go by so fast! When I get my copy of the pictures, I'll be sure to post some!

And now it's time for a shower and bed so I can start this crazy marathon all over again tomorrow.

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