Friday, February 15, 2013

Who I am

I am not:

  • A mom who has it all together. I am a mom who loves fiercely, soothes "owies", sometimes cooks, makes mistakes, covers my kids in hugs and kisses, is perpetually running late, wears yoga pants A LOT, and snuggles under the covers and watches My Little Pony over and over.
  • A great cook, but I am learning to get better. I am a good baker though. I made some fantastic raspberry meringue cookies in honor of Valentine's day and they are somehow disappearing rather quickly.
  • Someone who does well with being alone. My problem is I like people until I don't. I withdraw from them when I've had my fill and I have a hard time re-engaging and then end up feeling lonely. I am a sometimes people person
  • A girly girl. I hate shopping, can't piece together an outfit without help, and I am hopeless when it comes to my hair. Hence, my major anxiety over the fact that most of my clothing is about to be retired (to the trash can), because it's older than my kids and some of it, well older than my marriage.
  • A health nut. I try to eat balanced meals, make my kids eat fruits and veggies, and attempt a walk every now and then. But I love pop and I can't stand all the anti-GMO/organic only articles being forced into my email and all over twitter and Facebook. If that's your thing, great. I truly applaud your efforts in having a healthy lifestyle, but there is a way to bring it up and live that way without telling other people they are horrible parents/people if they don't do everything the same way!
  • A good sleeper. I feel tired and then can't seem to get to bed until 1:00 or later. Good thing my kids nap well.
  • Good at meeting new people. I would love to expand my current circle of friends! But apparently I developed this awesome introverted/awkward thing when it comes to meeting anyone new. I can't seem to formulate a thought or make an intelligent statement. As for meeting any new mom friends? I usually can't get past "How old is he/she?' before I run out of things to say.
  • Perfect. I get mad too easily, complain a lot, have problems shutting cabinet doors and drawers all they way, I worry and get anxious over silly things, I am messy and disorganized, and a million other things! But acknowledging my flaws, helps me to continue to try and get better. And as long as I am loving my family and seeking God, I must be on the right track.


Sarah Siders said...

Not sure it helps, but you sound a lot like me. It's nice to get this out there and just say it like it is, to remind yourself what is going well and be okay with what isn't. You're brave.

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sarah. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there. Sometimes, I just need to remind myself that I don't have all the answers. This mom thing is a lot of figure it out as you go, with a lot of prayer. It's never easy to realize that you aren't going to get everything to turn out just how you want it to, but you can stop and see what is going well for the time being.