Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation Time

I'm still kind of in shock that this is actually happening, a kid free vacation. Yep, you saw that right! For the first time since having kids, and really for the first time since our honeymoon, Ryan and I are going on vacation to the beach. We are leaving the kids with Ryan's mom for the whole duration of our trip. We are heading out to the beach to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary! And here's the kicker, we leave in two days! Have I even started packing? Well I made a list of what to pack...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. The idea of lying on the beach, sleeping in, and basically not being needed by anyone is super appealing after 3+ years of mommy-ing. But I'm nervous about leaving my babies for so long. It's really only 5 days, and it has nothing to do with who is taking care of them. But the only time I have been away from them for that long was when I was in the hospital for surgery. Oh I know they'll have fun and most likely think it's a fun change of pace. But still, I'll miss them.

I'm looking forward to some much needed quality time with my husband and working on my tan and I will just focus on finding a great present for my babies when I miss them!

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