Monday, April 11, 2016

Luke's Two Week Update

We had Luke's two week check on Wednesday of last week. Our little guy is very healthy and doing wonderful! He's a fairly average sized baby which is nice to hear. All throughout my pregnancy, I was told that if I went full term, I'd have a large baby. Gestational diabetes and having had a 9 lb baby previously, put me at a higher risk for a larger baby. But thankfully everything worked out well.

On his two week "birthday", Luke rolled over from belly to back which is fairly early. I'm hoping it's not a sign that he'll be mobile early like Sarah. I'm loving having a newborn this time around! With the other two, I felt like I was in survival mode. Sarah was my first baby, so I was a constant ball of nerves wondering if I was doing everything right. When Andrew was born, I had a 1 1/2 year old as well. Two kids who needed diaper changes and needed me to do nearly everything for them. Add to that the fact that I was nursing a baby who refused bottles for the first timre and I was pretty stressed then too.

Now that the older two are bigger, potty trained, and able to entertain themselves for periods of time I can actually really relish the newborn stage. Yes it's exhausting and trying but there's also something super sweet about it. The way he folds his legs up and molds his body to fit in my arms, is amazing. It's wonderful watching Sarah and Andrew love on him and hold him. They are both enamored with thi snewborn stage as well. Lucky for them, they are hard sleepers and Luke has not woken them up at night!

Birth story to come later this week.


8 lbs 6.4 oz (50%)
20 1/2 inches long (50%)
15 in head circumference (98%)

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