Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to update

Tomorrow is another OB appointment! They are getting to be so routine now. We come in, ask any questions we might have, and then listen to the heartbeat. So far the doctor's visits have been every 4 weeks but I think we go to every 2 weeks after tomorrow. Ryan has been so awesome because he has come to every appointment. I hate going to the doctor alone even if it's just a routine check up.

In other news my first baby shower is on Sunday and I am more than excited for it! My mom, Ryan's mom, and one of my mom's friends are the hostesses. It's going to be a pretty cool thing I think. I need to get out and buy my hostess gifts though. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.

Also we only have 2 childbirth classes left. I have found them really educational and interesting. It's nice to learn about the different pain meds that are out there as well as natural pain relief. I still can't believe that our baby is going to be here in about nine weeks! What a wonderful, exciting, and scary thing!

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