Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doctor's appointment update

Our visit to the doctor went really well! Sarah is still head down (YAY!) and is measuring right on track. I have put on a total of 28 pounds, which I have to admit has me nervous about losing it after she's born. I still have 9 weeks left to go though.

We found out today that the doctor won't let me go more than two weeks past my due date which is awesome. We can start talking induction for the week following our due date if our sweet baby hasn't made an appearance by then. I also found out that I am only allowed to have ice chips once I get to the hospital which was a bummer. I was hoping for maybe Popsicles or juice. :( But it's better to know these things in advance.

Tomorrow (well today technically) is girls' day out! I am so excited for it. I am meeting some girls for lunch and then pedicures. Let me tell you that nothing sounds better to a pregnant woman than getting her feet rubbed. And I get the chance to chat with some close friends at the same time. How wonderful!

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