Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 Weeks Postpartum

I had my six week checkup on Friday and it was all good news. I have healed perfectly according to my doc so I am cleared for all normal activities. This means that I can exercise again! Now I can drop the last 15 of my 50 pounds that I gained during pregnancy. I plan on going to our gym here at the new apartments at least twice a week and going on walks with Sarah whenever the weather here is nice.

I was also told to start weaning myself off of my blood pressure meds. When the nurse took my blood pressure it was 104/50. (Pretty low considering that it had been up to 165/105 while I was in labor and 120/80 is the norm.) The doctor thinks that my blood pressure has regulated itself and I no longer need the meds to do it for me. I am more than excited about that! I was worried about being on a long term maintenance medication. I have another follow up in two weeks to make sure that I can keep a stable and regular blood pressure on my own.  

As far as how I am doing emotionally, I am doing much better. I feel like I am starting to figure out Sarah's cries and her schedule. I enjoy being home with her during the day and I am getting a handle on getting more things accomplished. I love watching her personality emerge. She has started smiling in response to people smiling at her and if something strikes her as funny which is always a joy to see, Seriously her smiles get so big and you can see her gums. There's something about a baby's smile that is so genuine. They don't have a fake smile or a smile reserved for the camera. They just smile and joy shines on their face. Sarah's smile is so amazing.

She also loves her playmat! I can put her there (if she's been fed and changed) and she will play for about 45 minutes. Those poor toys dangling don't have a chance. She kicks them and bats them and smiles because she knows she's done something. I love watching her play. There's something about watching her that reminds me of the magnitude of God. Sarah's birth and life are great reminders of how God works. I just hope to be the parent that he intended me to be. I know that with His help and guidance I can and will be.

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Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Congrats on a great six week appointment! It will feel so good to start exercising again. I didn't REALLY feel like myself until I was able to get back to running. Good luck, mama :)