Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and it's the first one that I get to celebrate as a mother. Obviously this day will have a special place in my heart and memories. However, not just because I am the one being celebrated. Now I get to relate to my own mother in a new way and love and appreciate her all over again.

This year I can finally understand why my mom still reminds me that I was a full two weeks late.(Still after 23 years!) My own baby girl was just a few days late before I was induced and I remember being cranky for the entire last month of my pregnancy. I was so uncomfortable and swollen at the end that I was praying Sarah would show up at 37 weeks but we went all the way to our scheduled induction. If I was forced to wait it out until 42 weeks, I would have gone crazy! (Sorry Mom!)

I understand the hard work it took to bring me (and my siblings) into this world. My mother endured natural childbirth 5 times! I went 4 hours and was ready for my epidural despite my deep fear of needles. All of the laboring and pushing is worth it though when you see your sweet baby for the first time. (Just like my mom said it would be.)

This year I can truly appreciate the time and effort my mother put into being a stay at home mom. I am one now and it's no piece of cake. There are times when the baby is screaming and the house is filthy that I feel like I will never get the hang of things. Then when Sarah smiles at me or coos at me it's all worth it. I get to be home and see all of her milestones. I have a husband who can financially support us and is all for me being at home. This is a blessing in and of itself. My mom is the one who taught me the importance of being there for your kids.

But most of all this is the year that I can honestly grasp the depths of my mother's love for me. I know what it is to love someone so much you want to take away all their hurts, worries, and fears. To love them so much that you are willing to take those burdens on yourself so they can avoid them. I love my daughter fiercely and would do pretty much anything for her. Where did I learn this love? My mom. She has loved me openly and fully for my entire life. Watching her I learned what a real mom is supposed to look like. I hope I can be at least half the mother she is. If I accomplish that then I know my daughter will have one stellar mom and a great upbringing.

So thanks Mom for being there and loving me. And thanks for making me truly appreciate my first Mother's Day.

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