Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Way Back Wednesday (For a Change)

Shortly after midnight on Valentine's Day of 2007 I made the single best decision of my life. I said yes when Ryan proposed! I know that deciding to have a child could be described as the best decision of my life, but without my marriage to Ryan there would be no Sarah. So getting engaged to Ryan led to other great choices, making it the BEST decision. So here it comes straight from journal the day after.

Ryan came into my dorm room around 10:00 pm on February 13th. (We lived across the hall from one another in four person suites.) He asked if we could do gifts at midnight since our schedules were going to be hectic with work and school on the actual day of Valentine's Day. We had done this before when we knew time could be a problem on a specific holiday so I didn't think anything of it. So at midnight I knocked on his door with my gift in hand.
His room was dark except for the Christmas lights that were strung across the ceiling. His roommates were either gone or sleeping on the other side of the divider. Ryan gave me my gift and to be honest I was slightly disappointed. (How bratty I know!) I had spent so much more money on him and I didn't even get a card or flowers. Usually Ryan was so much better at gift giving than me. But then he told he had another present for me. He described it as a little but big one. I was convinced that it was a coupon for a puppy (since I would be moving into an apartment in a few months) or something similar to that. (We were poor college kids.)

Ryan pulled a HUGE balloon out of his closet and brought it over to where I was sitting on the futon. I saw what I thought was a kink in the string of the balloon so I try to pull it out. (Remember it's dim in the room.) Apparently that's where the ring was tied on, and when I pulled it fell off. I went to pick it up and Ryan quickly took it out of my hands and got down on one knee. Before I fully realized what had happened, Ryan is asking me to marry him. (I have no idea what he actually said now. Sorry babe!)

I was in a state of shock. I couldn't believe he was proposing. Ryan had told me many times that he would never propose on a holiday so I was totally blind sided by this. I asked him if he was serious several times before I finally said yes. I honestly thought he was kidding around with me. I didn't get emotional or start to cry until Ryan apologized for not getting me a card or flowers.  Needless to say it was the best Valentine's Day of my life.

Engagement Picture

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