Sunday, August 19, 2012

11 Months

Tomorrow is Andrew's first birthday so I figured I better get in his 11 month post, while he is still technically 11 months old. I love this sweet boy so much!

Updates and Stats on him:

  • Wearing size 4 diapers
  • Wearing 18 month clothes a
  • Size 4 shoe (when he wears them)
  • Weighs at least 22 lbs if not more, we'll find out at his one year appointment on Tuesday!
  • Pulls himself up on everything. He will use a person, furniture, boxes, animals, literally anything to pull himself up.
  • Cruises and walks with push toys like a champ. He has even figured out how to maneuver the toy when it's stuck in a corner.
  • Says a few words: dog, Zach, Papa, dat (that?), doh (sign of wanting something). hello (hewo) and No.
  • He's no longer nursing, we stopped at the end of July (shortly after his 11 month "birthday) due to low supply and my desire to have myself back. It went over pretty well and he's on whole milk now.
  • Loves "boy toys". He will play ball and roll cars all day as long as he's full and happy.
  • He LOVES eating! Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is make snack after snack followed by meal after meal for him. He's not picky, just eats a lot of food, especially compared to Big Sis. Although he has a habit of throwing all of the food on his tray on the floor to signal that he's done. A little frustrating but that's what dogs are for right?
  • Loves water, bath time or pool time. He loves splashing and playing. He really likes watching reactions around him when he splashes.
  • He ADORES Big Sis. Like honestly, it melts my heart a little when they play sweet with one another. The way those two love on each other is amazing. Sarah knows just how to make him laugh or stop crying and he knows how to do the same.
  • He loves talking on the phone. Cell phone, remote, toy phone, they are all free game. He loves saying "hewo" and talking to whoever is on the other line.
  • Andrew brushes his hair now. He loves finding a hairbrush and running it over the top of his head to wait for cheers. 
  • No walking yet, but I keep thinking it;s just around the corner.
  • He's sleeping pretty well but has developed an internal alarm that goes off between 6:30 and 7:30 AM and then he;'s up for the day. Because of that napping has gotten tricky. He generally gets tired around 10 but if he sleeps then he barely naps in the afternoon and crashes in the evening. If I keep him up until the afternoon nap he's a bear but will sleep for a good chunk of time, but you can tell he's still pretty tired. So we are figuring out the weird transition from 2 to 1 nap. It's a process

I'm sure there's so much more I'm forgetting to mention, but those will be in his one year post. Tomorrow his daddy, sister, and I are going to soak up our little one year old and love on him lots. I am so thankful Andrew is here as a part of our family!

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