Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party Time

So I'm sure I mentioned Andrew's party theme was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." With our little guy and his love of food and eating, it just seemed to fit. Plus the decorations were pretty simple to do (but very cute) and we had some great food ideas.

Well, his party was great. We did everything you do at parties. We ate some lunch, opened some presents, ate some cake, watched a little boy smash into a RED smash cake (I was reminded why I chose white for Sarah's first birthday), gave said boy a sink bath, and chatted with all our guests. It was a lot of fun and I was struck by how blessed we are to have all our family and a bunch of friends nearby to celebrate him.

Our banister caterpillar was the official party guest greeter

Almost walking 
Happy camper

Beautiful cupcake spread! My mother in-law made this, the head was the smash cake.

Opening gifts 
Something noisy!!

Happy birthday little man!

Finger lickin' good

Is there something on my face?

Cleaning up!

Over the mantel. 

His actual birthday was the Monday following his party. Daddy took off work and we spent the day just hanging out and enjoying our one year old. Unfortunately, Andrew had a bit of a cold, but he didn't let that get in his way. We had some hot dogs on the grill (Birthday Boy's favorite) with our family that evening and celebrated this little guy once again!

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