Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Unwinding

Things have been looking up since my last post. Yes, we are still at my mom and dad's house.No, it's not my ideal situation. No, we haven't found our own place as of yet. BUT I am working really hard on being content where I am. I realized that sitting around and moping about "being in transition" and how hard living in a space that "isn't mine" wasn't doing anything for me.

So I decided to do something about it. I talked with my mom and dad about the stuff that goes on in a house with 8 people. You know chores, hidden hurt feelings, who's cooking when, and so on. Well the air was cleared and now I don't feel as stressed about that kind of stuff as I was feeling a couple of weeks ago. And if I'm being completely honest, that took a huge weight off of me. Amazing what good old fashioned communication can do right?

But here's a few things that have been going on since I last blogged. I got so busy living life, that I forgot to 
write about it!

  •  Car Washes!

  • Falling asleep at dinner

  • Campaigning for my dad and celebrating his victory!
Andrew helping out Papa's campaign!

We won! (Photo courtesy of KC Star)

  • Painting on canvas AKA the mess of paint globs and glitter!

  • Getting sick with the stomach flu for the first time ever

  • First french braid!

  • Playing together at the play area in our mall

I think this looks like Andrew is backing out and Sarah is checking to see if it's all clear. 

First ride on the carousel

And so much more. Seriously, things have done a 180 since my last post. We still have some lazy days, but they are purposeful lazy days without a thousand things to do! I am thanking God for continually showing me how to raise up these little people and take care of myself as well. 

I'm into the book 52 Things Kids Need a Mom for and it's dramatically helped me feel better about parenting and changed how I look at some things. And I've been working on getting back into some devotionals and back into the Word! The self pity, doubt, worry, and fear all came from me placing God on the back burner and realizing that life was falling out of order without Him! So here's to a journey with Jesus in my boat and a bit more calm and peace within myself!

Tune in tomorrow for Andrew's 11 month update (which is just a week shy of his birthday!)


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