Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Things Kids Says

Normally I pride myself on being able to understand my kids, even when the general public thinks they are speaking gibberish. But I have a few gems from the last couple of days that I really wanted to share with you guys.

First, from Sarah. MOST of the time a stranger can understand what she is saying (unless she's talking really fast or super excited.)

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing went right and everyone was in a bad mood. So I was talking to my sister and she suggested maybe the kids would go down for a second N-A-P. (Spelled out instead of using the actual word.) Well Little Miss Thing has learned a few things about spelling recently and she spun around to give us her opinion on that. She looked right at us, stomped her foot and said "I don't want to go DVD." Funniest thing ever, because she knew we were talking about naps but only knows how to "spell" DVD.

Then this morning, I was putting my contacts in and she followed me into the bathroom.
"What you doing Mommy?"
"Putting in my eyes, I can't see if I don't" (My dad used to tell me that all the time when I was little and he was putting in his contacts.)
"No, those are your tic-tacs." She was 100% serious.

Andrew: Lately he has been learning new words like crazy. But deciphering them among his baby-speak is not an easy task. Case in point.

His newest word is banana or "nanana". Yesterday, he was sitting on the kitchen floor screaming "nananananana" over and over and I just assumed it was him being grumpy. Until I walked closer to the bananas and he got louder. I picked one up and he could barely contain his excitement and begin screeching "NANANA!" When I gave it to him, he gave me this look, like "Why did it take so long?"

He also says "Pig" thanks to a singing piggy bank. "Dog" is another favorite.

Every morning we go through about a 20 minute ordeal where he says "Zach" over and over again. Usually it's around breakfast time. He will say it repeatedly no matter how many times you tell him Zach is at school or show him that Zach's room is empty. He just keeps looking at the door and yelling or whispering "Zach" depending on how he's feeling.

Can't wait to see what else these kids have on their minds.

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