Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things My Kids Say

Just some actual conversations that have happened in our house the last few weeks.

A few gems from Sarah:

"Andrew you lost my mind" - Said in frustration when her brother was not listening to her

"If you hold a flag to your eyes, you can hear fireworks" - She was super excited about 4th of July

"I think it's probably, maybe a hippo" - When asked what her favorite animal is

"There are no medium kids, I am this big kid" (Holds hand up to the top of her head) - When asked if she was a big, medium or little kid

"Maybe you should go on bay-cation again so I can stay with Gummy" - I asked if we should all go on a vaction

"Bay-cation means riding in an airplane not driving in a car"

Sarah also has memorized lyrics to multiple One Direction songs (thanks to Aunt Codie) and can sing pretty much any of them when asked to.

Andrew's turn:

"Sissy/Daddy/Mommy hit me" - If anyone makes him angry he starts crying and goes up to the closest adult and claims that whoever it was hit him

"My hair!! *Tears*" - After witnessing his bed head in the mirror this morning

"Hi bug" *picks it up and chases sister* - A regular occurrence when playing outside

"thank you" - in place of please

"Meee-sah-boot" - I have no idea what this means but he says it and then laughs hysterically

"You E-doo" - He likes to call other people by his name and laugh

They both have this crazy little I don't know song that they sing together. It's really loud and they do it a lot! There's a link to it.

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