Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Years Old!

Happy birthday Andrew! You're officially two now and I am so incredibly blessed to be your mom. It has been amazing to watch you transform from a baby into a little boy. It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since we first laid eyes on you!

I have to admit, I will miss some of your baby-isms. (Like your scrunchy face and your tiny hands holding onto my shirt to name a couple.) But I am oh so ready to embrace the fantastic little boy that you are. You are nearly always happy and giggly and never hesitate to give Mama kisses.  And while I may be a little bit sad to see you moving further away from my "baby", I am so excited to see where you will go from here.

Already I can tell you have a crazy passion for your family. You LOVE to follow Sissy around and do whatever she is doing (and yes sometimes you like to push her buttons.) You also like to be right up next to Daddy seeing what he is doing and "helping" him with whatever it may be. But at the end of the day, when you hug me good night and say "wuv you Mama" you melt my heart and make me oh so happy that you are a part of this family. Sometimes I can't believe we were lucky enough to get you as a son.

 It's so much fun to watch your personality form and see how you react to different situations and adjust to life in general. You are amazingly sweet but also more than a little stubborn. Remarkably mellow but energetic. One minute you are calm, and the next this wild crazy kid running around the house yelling and laughing.

I love how much you love Buzz Lightyear and Justice League and how excited you get to see them. And it totally makes my day to listen to your staccato speech and the way you emphasize certain syllables in words. I hope you always have something that you enjoy and people to share it with!

But no matter what happens or who you become, know that Mommy and Daddy love you and we are so excited to watch you grow up into the person God meant you to be! 

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