Thursday, September 26, 2013

Andrew's Party and Two Year Stats

I just realized that I never posted about Andrew's second birthday party! He had a Toy Story theme and it was so much fun for everyone involved. I LOVE watching my kids get excited and happy about things and a birthday party is nothing but fun and excitement.

Since Ryan and I both come from larger families, this little boy is pretty spoiled when it comes to gifts. Like seriously, we had to rearrange our playroom and I am still going through a "weed out" process with our toys. It's an ever constant battle to not have the playroom look like a disaster area and it's incredibly difficult to figure out which toys are ready to be packed away, donated, or just trashed. It could be because I am attempting to do this while having both kids in the house...

So here's a few photos from that. I found most of the decorations on clearance which was pretty nice because we didn't have to spend a fortune and we came out with something that looked great! I stayed up pretty late making some alien cupcakes the night before the party. Andrew had a lot of fun wadding up tissue paper and putting it in the trash but he also really enjoyed his presents like his trains, new duplo table that his Papa built him, and a bouncy horse.

As far as two year stats go, he's pretty middle of the road. Which is a good thing considering all the concerns that his doctor had about his head size earlier.
27 lbs - 35%
34 inches - 27%

He's also right on track for physical and developmental milestones. His language skills are exploding and he constantly has new words. Also he's learning the art of getting on big sister's nerves and doing it well. So overall, we have a pretty healthy and happy TWO year old!

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