Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Shower

So our baby shower was this past Sunday and it was truly wonderful. My mom, Ryan's mom, and a family friend organized the whole thing. Every last detail was perfectly planned out. We had great food and played some pretty neat games.

We had sandwiches, fruit salad, and chips. For dessert we had cupcakes that matched the purple and green theme of the shower. I really enjoyed playing the games also. We did the string game where everyone cut a string that they thought would fit around my stomach without being too big or small. My mother-in-law got it perfectly! We also did baby items A-Z and played a memory game with our diaper cake.

The best part about the shower was getting books to read to Sarah! Everyone brought a children's book to start building her library and I have to say it was my favorite thing about the shower. There are so many great kids' books out there.

I got a lot of great gifts as well. After the shower Ryan and I started putting the nursery together. Our daughter has TONS of clothes and toys now! The nursery is looking pretty good and I am finally feeling like I am ready for this baby to be here. The only thing we need is a car seat!

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