Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things I'm in Love With Right Now

  • Lazy weekends where my husband takes charge of the kids so I can sleep the day away! I absolutely love  Ryan for allowing me to relax and nap while he dealt with both kiddos! Such a pleasant and happy way to spend a Saturday.
  • Chunky baby legs!!

  • Hearing Sarah's vocabulary expand to include new things all the time. A lot of times I'm shocked at how much she learns seemingly overnight.
  • This ponytail! Granted it doesn't stay neat and tidy for very long, but after nearly 2 years it looks GREAT!

  • A hot bath at the end of the day to melt away all the stresses of life.
  • Watching Andrew's personality blossom into something more than a sleepy eyed baby!

All smiles

Snacking on toes

Turtle face, LOVE it!

Raspberries are the new thing around here!
  • New apps on my phone. Tiny Tower and Bag It! Makes boredom a thing of the past. 
  • Watching my girl be a GREAT big sister. The way she says "good mowning Anu" melts my heart. And how he reaches for her whenever she is close to him is SO sweet.
  • Freezer meals. They are practical and don't take too much time to make. I'm hoping the new recipes we froze taste yummy!
  • Mild winters! I got my one snow to let Sarah play! Andrew and I watched from inside as she went out to throw snowballs and run around with Daddy. Then it all melted the next day and we have been blessed with warmer temps in the 50's!
  • These two kiddos. (And of course their handsome Daddy!)

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