Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah!

It's finally here, Sarah's second birthday. And I made it through the day without having a panic attack. I think every mom has mixed feelings about watching their babies grow up. On one hand, I am so excited about all the adventures that lie ahead and the milestones we've yet to reach. On the other, I am sad about leaving baby-hood behind and more than a little nervous about the great unknown of our future. But I know that there's lots to love and lots to learn with this girl of mine. So bring it on.

Her second birthday was a happy day. We made it to the zoo without any major meltdowns from the kids. (Big accomplishment!) I was a little stressed about leaving later than I wanted, but relaxed once I saw Sarah's excitement over going to the zoo! She loved it, everything was new and interesting and oh so much fun. The animals caught her attention and the fact that we were out as a family doing something all about her was a big positive for her. And honestly, Ryan and I had a lot of fun too. (Despite the fact that the day turned out to be 90 degrees versus the 70 it was projected to be. Good thing I bought the sunblock last week.)  Here are a few pictures from the day.
So excited to be at the zoo, in the snake area.

This monkey was grooming his tail and he (along with every other monkey) was a huge hit with Sarah. 
Showing her some gibbons.

This elephant was literally inches away from us. He was picking things from the tree to eat. All of us were kind of enamored with him. It was fun to watch him find things to eat. And Sarah loved that "El-fit pick fwowers with his nose"

Andrew napping in the back of the double stroller

Daddy and Sarah eating some cookies with lunch


Watching animals with Daddy.
Snagging some water from Daddy.

We finished out the day with a cook out and Grammy and Papa's (my parents) house. My in-laws all came over and my siblings and nieces were there as well. It was really low key and mellow. Lots of laughing, eating,  and good times to be had.
All smiles this year when we sang "happy birthday". So different from last year.
Deep breath

Blowing out the candles

Enjoying those chocolate filled cupcakes!

like I've said probably a thousand times, it's so hard to believe that Sarah is actually two years old. I mean her life span is DOUBLE that of last year! Two years is in all reality such a short amount of time. But the impact of those two years has been tremendous. This precious little girl has gone from squalling newborn to rambunctious toddler! She's taught us so much and filled our hearts with love. I'm so grateful and blessed to have Sarah as my daughter. It's been challenging and crazy but full of joy to be her mom and guide her through life. So here's to another year baby girl. May it be better than the last and bring us untold fun, happiness, and adventure!

A word from the birthday girl herself!

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