Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Year Stats

Sarah had her two year well child check up last Monday and everything is perfect! (Cue Mommy bragging ...)

According to the doctor's scales, she is 25 pounds (28th percentile) and 33 inches (25 percentile). She's been right around the 25th percentile for a while now so it's good that things haven't slowed down and she's still growing at about the same rate. She may be small, but she's healthy. (Just for reference, I weighed Andrew on my parents' scale tonight and he was 20 pounds. Yup, someone's gonna surpass big sister soon...)

As far as developmental milestones, she's way ahead on a lot of things. (At least according to our handout from the pediatrician.) She's quite the talker, and really loves to jabber away at whoever will listen to her. Her vocabulary is growing daily and sometimes the things she says are absolutely HILARIOUS! (She called Andrew a "cute fatty" today! I cracked up at that!)

A few other things she can do

  • build towers with her blocks that actually are stable enough to stand ... until she knocks them down like Godzilla on a rampage
  • identify most colors although the word "orange" sounds a lot like ocean and "pink" is pronounced mink. 
  • brush her teeth with help
  • throw a ball overhand
  • jump (in place or from one thing to another say the couch to the floor or a box to the couch)
  • balance on one foot for a few seconds (this is new but entertaining)
  • name numerous body parts (eyes, mouth, ears, cheeks, chin, arms, hands, fingers, hair, teeth, head, tummy, knees, elbows, feet, toes, legs, and tongue)
  • say prayers - She starts of Dear God please bless whoever happens to be in the lineup and ends with a big AAAAmen.
  • Potty training - it's begun for real now I think. We are using M&M's as rewards and she's been going at least once every other day. Small steps my friends.
 Her eating habits are getting a lot better, mainly because getting her to eat isn't such a struggle anymore. But I was reassured a bit when our doctor told us that eating one good meal every other day is totally normal for kids this age. As long as I offer her a good variety of things she'll work it out on her own. We're down to 2% milk for her instead of whole and she's still drinking 2 glasses of it a day. 

All in all, I feel very blessed to have a happy and healthy little girl. Soon it's time to transition to a big girl bed and lose the pacifier! But for now I'm going to enjoy we are.

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