Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Photo Dump

Yes I know Christmas was a month ago, but I swear you'll forgive the belated holiday photos when you see just how much cuteness is packed in these pictures.

 Even though we have a nice camera (non cell phone) we rarely get it out anymore, something I plan on changing fairly soon. But because of that, I have to depend on other people to capture some good and non-blurry photos of my kids. Lucky for me they usually deliver but then it's up to me to get them off of memory cards and upload them. 

Anyway I typed all that out, as a roundabout excuse/apology for being so late with these.

Christmas Eve (at the in-laws)

Love this photo so much!

Happy Santa baby!

Tasting the play food!

Shark boy!

Getting Ready for Christmas Eve Service
Forgive the background and barefeet, but look at those faces! I absolutely love Sarah's expression.
Beautiful kids.
This picture melts my heart. Doting big sis and loving little brother.

Christmas Day (my parents' house)

Those eyes, sleepy Christmas morning

Tinker Bell was in someone's stocking! 

One of my favorites, she loves this doll! 

Bear chair

Working on his tool bench


We were pumped about the Tangled Ever After short!

Again look at those eyes

STOMPEEZ, just what she wanted!

Trying them on.

Someone loves his ball pit.

Happy boy!


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