Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sibling Bond

When I first found out I was pregnant with Andrew I'll admit it made me a bit nervous. I was worried about how Sarah would react to having a new baby around, especially since she was practically still a baby herself when Andrew was born. Then I found out Andrew was a he, and I was hit with an all new anxiety.

I worried about how two kids of different genders with such a close age gap would get along. Plus I already knew how to be a girl mom, and I had no idea what being a boy mom meant. I was pretty convinced that I wouldn't be able to balance the pink/glitter/princesses with the blue/noisy/cars. But my kids led the way and totally showed me how completely AMAZING it is to have one of each.

Hospital pictures
Their bond as siblings is truly remarkable. Sarah took an interest in Andrew right away. She loved on him, hugging and kissing him all the time. She wanted to help us with everything, from changing his diapers to feeding him to pushing his stroller. Even now, it's clear how much she loves him. She shares her beloved My Little Pony toys with him (granted it's her least favorite ponies that he gets to play with), she always makes sure that he gets a snack whenever she does, whenever we are at the store and she sees something he would like she wants me to buy it, and she still hugs and kisses him like crazy!

 And once Andrew really became aware of his surroundings, his adoration of his big sister became so evident. He smiles for her, looks all over for her saying "Thissy" if he gets up from nap before her, follows her around to the point of driving her a little crazy, shares his food with her, brings her cups of water, and sweetly tells her "nigh-nigh" with hugs before bed.

Now that's not to tell you that we don't have knock down, drag out fights around here. There's plenty of yelling, screaming, kicking, pushing, shoving, and tears. Some toys cause way more issues than others and some snacks can cause meltdowns. Heck, even just getting up in the morning can cause a fight if Andrew (my morning baby) says "hi" too early and happy for Sarah (my not so morning kiddo).

I'm totally in awe of their relationship and it completely melts my heart to see them loving one another. I know they will always have someone in their corner as long as they have each other. And I pray for them and their bond. I hope so much it continues on for the rest of their lives.

Siblings at their best.

My FAVORITE picture of them together!

September 2011

Halloween 2011
November 2011

Feeding brother baby food.

January 2012

Last spring
Before Andrew learned how to walk, mowing the grass together.
Playing together at church in October
This is from making cookies a couple of nights ago.

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