Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick Recap

Blogging has been a bit scarce as of lately. With all of the Christmas and birthday celebrations going on around here (we have 5 birthdays the week in between Christmas and New Year's) and our big move, there hasn't been much time to get on a computer.

But everything with us is pretty great. We had a fantastic Christmas,which involved lots of family and lots of spoiling of the kids. It's a good thing we moved a few days later, because we were running out of places to store all of the kids' loot. If you were to walk into my house right now, it kinda looks like Toys R Us exploded in our playroom. (By the way did you notice that? I typed playroom, because we have one!!! Seriously, super happy about it!)

We celebrated our slew of birthdays with the appropriate amount of cake and ice cream, and then commenced with the move! First off, never decide to paint the whole interior of your house in a day and a half. NOT a good idea. But it's done and we have pretty, freshly painted walls and kitchen cabinets. We've been in the house for about a week and we're fairly well settled as of now. Sure there are a bunch of boxes and bags to still go through, but we lived with 2/3rds of our belongings in storage for over 8 months, so I am feeling good! Oh and we have all our kitchen cabinets assembled and back together thanks to my awesome husband.

The kids seem to have adjusted well to our new place. Sarah loves her new (pink) room and is always wanting to play in there. They both love having space to play and the fact that I don't shout "NO" at them 50+ times a day.

Sometime this week I will get some Christmas pictures and a year's summary post up and then I'm hoping to get back to the redesign idea and blogging on a regular basis again!

Goodnight all!

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