Thursday, October 14, 2010

Child Development

So today Sarah and I made a guest appearance in a high school child development class. We were part of a panel of mothers and babies. It was actually pretty entertaining. The kids ranged from brand new to 5 years old. Sarah and I were sitting next to a 10 month old little girl who has LESS hair than Sarah. I had no idea that was possible. I think of my baby as a baldie, but she had a full head of hair compared to this little cutie.

Anyway we were asked all kinds of questions about our pregnancies, the baby, and how life has changed since the baby arrived. I got to answer questions about cravings, finances, and how we chose Sarah's name. I had a great time showing Sarah off. Everyone thought she was adorable and some of the students even wanted to hold her. And I have to brag on my daughter because she was SO good the whole time. A lot of the other babies were crying, screaming, or just talking loudly but not her. She stayed pretty quiet. She did let out a few of her "gremlin growls" but those are pretty cute sounding. She also got to play on the floor with other babies including the cute little baldie. They shared toys and kind of jabbered to each other. I do think Sarah was a bit mesmerized by the crawlers that were there so I'm hoping that it gives her some drive to want to try crawling again.

In other news Sarah is now the proud owner of a partially emerged tooth. You can just see the top of it poking through her little gums, which has caused a few rough nights in our household. She is also this short of crawling. She gets her leg moving forward but then loses her balance, or she spends a lot of time rocking back and forth. And tomorrow will be Sarah's first trip to the zoo. My siblings and Ryan's siblings are out of school tomorrow so it's going to be another big family affair. I will update with more on that tomorrow and hopefully have some pictures. Tomorrow is Friday ya'll!

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