Thursday, October 7, 2010

College Football

I'm going to be totally honest here. I used to HATE football of all types. I mean I was in marching band my entire college career and I totally dreaded game days. I loved being in the band and doing what we did, but I hated watching the game. There are just so many rules to football that I was usually fairly clueless as to what was going on. Lucky for me I had some good friends that were patient enough to explain to me what was going on and why such and such penalty was called. 

This is me at the last game of my senior year.

Anyway I went to a game after graduation and still disliked it. Then I discovered this wonderful thing called televised games! I LOVE watching the game on TV. I get so into it. In all my 8 years of marching band (high school and college) I knew next to nothing about the game of football. Now there are times when I know what call the ref is going to make before he says it. I get such joy out of watching my alma mater beat other teams and I get nervous when we have nail biter games. 

Maybe my loathing of the game came from having to be at the stadium 6 hours before the game started even if it was an 11:15 kick-off. Or maybe it came from the constant time outs that made 20 seconds drag into 15 minutes. Football time is so inaccurate. Anyway, I like it now that I no longer have to be at the games personally. And I do occasionally enjoy going to a game, 

With that being said, who decided to put a game on a Thursday night? It's ridiculous. I mean not only is there school the next day but there are also evening classes and if you are in the band you have to be at the game 6 hours before it starts and that means missing classes. And it's totally misleading. It makes you think it's the weekend. But I will still be watching and rooting for KSU and yes Miss Sarah is totally decked out in her KSU clothes.

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