Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Pumpkins

Today was such a good one. It was full of family, food, and fun. It was one of those days that reminds you to stay in the moment because it's fleeting. And I drank it up, enjoying every last drop.

We had our first official family outing today. By family I mean everyone, all of us except the pooches. No one wanted to miss Sarah's first trip to the pumpkin patch. So we took three vehicles and toted grandparents, baby, uncles, an aunt, and us (the parents) about twenty minutes away. It turned out to be such a hot day. Almost 90 degrees, but I made sure to not let that put a damper on our fall celebration. I mean picking a pumpkin out is almost a right of passage that announces that fall has come and summer is gone. (Apparently summer wanted to be fashionably late with her exit.) But such a great sight it was to see a field full of pumpkins and realize that soon the weather will have a crisp bite to it and we will be ushering Sarah into her first holiday season. I have to say that my mama heart was overwhelmed with emotion for a bit at all the great changes to come. However I sucked it up and just let the joy of being with family encase me.

But we went and we browsed, pondered, decided, changed our minds, and finally picked our pumpkins.
I didn't get this one but I do like white pumpkins. 

Sarah was such a champ. She was so enamored with the tractors pulling the hay rides and all of the sights and smells. She was so distracted that she didn't even want to eat. She just wanted to take it all in. So we let her. We let her touch the pumpkins and see the hay and sit in the *gasp* dirt. You know what, it was so worth it. I know Sarah won't remember this, but I will.
Yes my baby is trying to eat the hay. But I stopped her from ingesting it.
More hay in her hands.
I will remember the way she got excited when presented with an extra bumpy pumpkin to touch.
 This kid loves textures. 
I'll tuck away her smiles from today so I can savor them when times aren't so happy. (Teething anyone?)
She is a true ham for the camera.
I never want to forget the comforting weight of a sleeping baby after a day of fun. How perfect it felt to just hold her.
See how great this is?

Today was so special because it just reinforced how fortunate I am to have a great big family that loves on my daughter. I also felt something click today as I realized just how great my little family of three is. We have a tremendous amount of love just within us. And it was so evident today. So I can take a little sweat, a tired little one, and  tripping over vines to remind myself how beautiful my life is.

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