Monday, January 16, 2012

Something about the second child

There is a lot to be said about the first kid. Your first pregnancy is a once in a lifetime opportunity, where you have the time to relax and absorb the whole being pregnant experience. Then the baby gets here and it's a whole world of firsts and "what the heck am I doings". And then you settle into a routine (still with a lot of not having a clue about some things), but it's good. You feel like "Wow, I really am a mom" and your heart doesn't feel like it can expand anymore.

Then the second baby comes. And yes, it's a lot less relaxing and easy going, because now you have someone else to take care of on top of being pregnant. You don't have time to endlessly research (or maybe that was just me) and indulge all those cravings. Heck if you're lucky enough to be pregnant while also having a toddler, it's sometimes a struggle just to find time to eat anything at all. But then that second baby gets here and you have a lot of "I know what this is about", "been there, I can handle this" moments. But that second baby is no less magical and all of a sudden your heart really does grow to make room for all the love you feel. And then it hits you "holy crap I have two kids!"

But what I wasn't expecting at all, was watching the bonding between my kiddos. Oh I knew that Sarah liked to "help" me in her own way. And she liked to kiss Andrew and talk to him. But lately, the first question she asks when she wakes up is "Where Anu go?" (followed by where Daddy go. No good morning Mommy at all *sigh*) And after she gets out of her crib and changed she likes to come out to the living room and say "good mo-ning baby boy". And his face totally lights up when he sees her!! He smiles and gets all giggly.

Tonight (Sunday evening) Sarah wanted to read him a book and so she sat on the couch with Andrew next to her, showing him all the pictures and laughing when he grabbed at it. And then she asked to "oshi" (hold) Andrew before bed. They laid on the couch next to each other holding hands and playing together. It totally melted this Mama's heart and I can't wait to see what else is in store, well except for the fighting, the tantrums, the jealousy, and the teen years. Okay, so maybe I want to stay in the here and now!

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