Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Milestones for Mama

Tonight I hit a new milestone as a mama. My beautiful baby girl spit up in my hair. I've been spit up on numerous times, sometimes all in a row. I have worn shirts that have spit up spots all over them. But this, is an all new one for me.

We were at my mom's house tonight and I was playing with Sarah. She was up on my shoulders and before I knew it there was a white liquid dripping down my hair. Granted it wasn't very much and my mom quickly wiped it off with a baby wipe. However, I was thoroughly disgusted by it. The stains on my clothes or the baby throw up on my arm really doesn't bother me. It being in my hair, totally different story.

Maybe it's because I am really meticulous bout it. I make sure it's always looking somewhat nice. I do this because it makes me feel put together and human especially on days when my clothes and house are dirty. Anyway, I didn't totally freak out about it and now I guess it won't be a big deal the next time it happens.


Jenn said...

The first time my DD did this I did not realize it was in my hair. A few hours later I was trying to put my hair up and my fingers got stuck in a hard crunchy part of hair. I was completely digusted.

Lindsey said...

I would have been disgusted too! The things no one tells you about.