Monday, June 14, 2010


I am sitting in my living room listening to the deluge of rain and the roaring thunder. Seriously I think the storm's center is directly outside my window. The noise was so loud it woke my sleeping baby. This is the girl that can sleep through the practical rock concert that is our worship at church. (As soon as things quiet down though and the pastor comes out for the sermon, she pops awake and wants to play.)

Anyway the thunderstorm got me thinking about the enormity of God. His strength is evident through the power and beauty of the storm. The thunder is so loud, it rumbles my whole apartment. I'm talking walls shaking here. The rain is coming down so strong, that it's nearly impossible to see because the whole sky is one blanket of water. Sure it's a powerful and scary thing but there is beauty in it too. The rain will eventually slow down to a calming pitter patter that will lull us back to sleep. The thunder will fade and become a distant memory. After the storm the whole world will be washed anew and have a fresh clean feeling. Does that remind anyone of God and his love for us? Seriously, what is greater than having new life in God? Nothing.

Anyway now that I have gone all philosophical and metaphoric, I am going to switch gears. Sarah seems to love thunderstorms. If I could figure out how to get video in here I would post one but my insert video clip button seems to be MIA....

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