Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A few tidbits about my baby

I love watching Sarah and her reactions to the world around her. It's really a lot of fun to watch her turn into her own person. Over the past nine weeks I have been able to figure out some things that she gets from me and some that she gets from her Daddy. Allow me to elaborate.

Things Sarah gets from Mommy

  • impatience when she's hungry
  • love of Disney songs (If you sing this girl Colors of the Wind she's putty in your hands)
  • the need to be around other people (She hates being alone)
  • love of bathtime
Things Sarah gets from Daddy

  • her need to be moving and walking (Watch Ryan the next time he is on the phone, he paces and walks around)
  • the ability to just fall asleep (Ryan can fall asleep while talking to me in bed. I envy this quality)
  • her long eyelashes and her long fingers
  • for the time being her blue eyes (They may change)
  • her high cheekbones
Things that are all her own
    • her smile (It will melt your heart)
    • her adorable laugh (You have to hear it to know what I mean. She almost sounds like she's coughing)
    • the face she makes right after she fills her diaper because she knows you have to change it


    The Siders House Rules said...

    Ha ha. These are great Lindsey. Love this. SO much to look forward to.

    Lindsey said...

    There really is and it's crazy how quickly they change and grow!