Saturday, July 3, 2010

Attempt At a Photo Shoot

So we tried to be artsy and creative for Sarah's 3 month photos. It didn't quite work out the way we planned. I think we will try again with Daddy's new fancy camera instead of Mommy's digital one.
Here she is thinking that she likes this idea. Notice the large flower. I'm working on making her some pretty headbands. I'm not that great yet.

I got the bright idea to put her into a picnic basket. She liked playing in it at first. (Notice the drool)

Then she decided that picnic baskets weren't made for babies to play in.

If I held her in it she seemed okay though.

Now she seems to get the idea a bit.

I love the expression on her face here.

I think she was trying to tell me that she was done with this adventure.


Jenn said...

She is so cute!

The Siders House Rules said...

Adorable pics, Linds. Three months already? Seriously - how do this happen? :)

Thanks for the lotion thoughts. I'm hoping to discover a prevention method for stretch marks that actually works. You'll be one of the lucky ones who gets to hear either way. Wondering if it's just hereditary and therefore unavoidable. In that case, I should ask my mom if she has them. (Sorry about the thinking out loud).

Great job keeping us up to date on your little miss. Good to see what a new mom goes through. Gives me lots to look forward to.

Lindsey said...

Yeah my mom got them. I hear bio oil is supposed to work well but I don't know for sure since I didn't use it. I used Palmer's stretch mark cream. FAIL! The good news is that they will eventually fade. Mine started out K-State purple and are now more pinkish.

I don't know where the time has gone. Truly it's been a roller coaster ride with lots of peaks and a few lows when everything seems so overwhelming. But mostly it's been a lot of joy.