Friday, July 16, 2010

How A Year Changes Things

One year ago today I was blessed with this
Little did I know how crazy my life would become in the year since. I lost a job, experienced morning sickness for 16 weeks straight, got a seasonal job, got stretch marks, gained 50 lbs, had hugely swollen ankles and feet, had Sarah, had sky high blood pressure, lost 40 lbs (still have 10lbs hanging around), became a stay at home mom, and moved. What an action packed year and to be honest I wouldn't want it any other way! My baby is such a blessing (even when she doesn't want to sleep until 4:00 am) and a joy in my life. All of the frustrations and discomforts of pregnancy were so worth it to have her. 

It's hard to believe that this (my favorite maternity picture)
resulted in this.
Here's hoping this next year is full of joy, adventure, and surprise like the past one!


The Siders House Rules said...

Linds, wow can I relate to that post. Well, at a little over halfway thru the pregnancy, I totally get the action packed year you speak of. I'm sure ill have a similar post in March next year. What a great post - so fun to look back and be proud of all the changes you made it through and how happy you are. I'm looking forward to being a mom and its encouraging to know you love it so much and all the pain and sleeplessness is worth it. Lol.

Lindsey said...

It definitely is worth it. Sometimes it's hard to see that (especially when you are sleep deprived) but then you get a sweet smile. I believe that Sarah is a blessing from God and sometimes a test too! I can't wait for you to be on this crazy journey of motherhood as well.