Thursday, September 23, 2010

I believe

... fall is just around the corner. Crunchy leaves, sweaters, jeans, and cute baby clothes here we come.

... God has a plan for my life. I may complain about being at home all day or about being lonely, but God really is working on me. I have met some new people who are turning into friends and I am getting out more and more as Sarah and I work out a routine. Being a stay at home mom is truly a blessing, even if I can't see it that way all the time.

... I am obsessed with baby headbands/flowers/bows and baby clothes. I never thought I would be that mom but seriously I HATE it when people think Sarah is a boy.

... my dogs are a perfect fit for our little family. Laid back, calm, and yes, lazy. Nothing high maintenance about them and I love them for it. Plus Penny makes a great foot warmer come winter time. (disregard the demon eyes)

... Sarah's new toy remote has saved my cell phone and actual remotes from being covered in drool and or spit up. I can handle Elmo's laugh if it means that she won't accidentally ingest something she shouldn't or water damage my phone.

... my husband is truly a great man. He loves me even when I am unlovable and even when I don't recognize that he does.

... my daughter is absolutely gorgeous! And a newly diagnosed thumb sucker.

... that time flies. My baby is almost 6 months old already. Gone are the days of being a wrinkly newborn. Now we have a mobile, sometimes independent little baby.

... marriage and parenthood are worth the fights, stress, and hard work. The joy is so much greater than the any negatives.

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Mrs.Trophywife said...

SO cute. And SO true. It's all worth it.