Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 Months Old

Things I don't want to forget ...
  • Your toothless grin
  • Big sloppy "kisses" which could be interpreted as you trying to eat my face
  • The way your eyes light up and you smile big when Daddy gets home from work
  • Your laugh that is elusive, things are rarely funny twice
  • The just woke up face
  • Your excitement to be in the jumperoo and how you get it going so fast
  • Spitting and blowing raspberries. It's cute now, but not when you're two
  • The way your sleepy body fits just so in my arms. Even if it is time for you to sleep on your own now.
  • Your "conversations"
  • How much you love the dogs 
  • Bath time splashes and fun
  • Fascination with mirrors
  • Hand eating
  • Your "baby bird" face when you eat solids. You flap your arms and open your mouth wide
  • Naps on the couch together
  • Walking across the apartment. You just need to hold onto someone's hands.
  • Your efforts to scoot and crawl. You sure can move if you want to
  • Changing table acrobatics
  • How much Mommy loves you even when things get so overwhelming or you're cranky pants!
And since I missed Wordless Wednesday ....
    Oh were you needing this??
    Five month stats to come soon

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