Monday, January 10, 2011

40 weeks and 3 days

That's how old Sarah is today. Coincidentally, that's also how long I was pregnant with her. So she has officially been an "outside" baby for the same amount of time she was an "inside" baby. It's crazy how much faster the time has gone since she was born.

I remember being newly pregnant and thinking that 40 weeks was such a long time to wait to meet my baby. And by third trimester, I was convinced that the time was absolutely CRAWLING. I honestly thought that the hours of each day were just dragging on and on. Of course I attribute that to my hugely swollen body and my general discomfort there at the end. What can I say? Excessive swelling and a nearly 50lb weight gain will do that to you. But finally April 2, 2010 came. And even though I was nervous about the unknowns of childbirth and labor, I was ready to meet Sarah.
Right before we headed to the hospital.

At the hospital ready to have this baby.

But once Sarah was born my perception of time did a complete 180! From the day she was born I felt like if I blinked I would miss something. Every morning I would wake up and swear that Sarah had changed overnight. I prayed for time to slow down so I could savor each minute of sweet babyhood. She's gone from such a small, squishy, immobile newborn to a loud, active, almost walker!

So in honor of today here is "vintage" Sarah.
In the nursery

Getting weighed

Finally pinking up

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