Friday, January 7, 2011

Sarah is 9 Months Old

When did that happen? She is at the age now where if I blink, I miss something. She is getting so big and learning something new every day. I think this time in her life is so much fun but also exhausting!

Here's the run down of how big she is and what she can do now.

  • 18 lb 6.4 oz (40%)
  • 27 1/2" (48%)
  • Head Circum 45 cm (80%) I told you she was smart. :)
  • She can walk now people. It's just a few steps here and there and she still prefers crawling. BUT she walks. 9 months old and already walking. My life is gonna get a whole lot crazier when she gets it all figured out.
  • She pulls up on ANYTHING! Her favorite place to stand is the TV stand. She likes to push the buttons on the TV and just hang on to the stand. 
  • She thinks the blinds that cover our sliding glass door are an appropriate chew toy.
  • Peekaboo is her new favorite game. She will cover her face with a blanket or a book and wait for you to ask "Where's Sarah?'. Then she takes it off and laughs like crazy! I think this is adorable.
  • Sarah's favorite toy is her Playskool push toy that converts to a car. This thing practically lets her run across the apartment.
  • She eats 3 jars or more of baby food a day. She still loves sweet potatoes and practically any fruit flavor. She also eats puffs/cheerios 2 times a day.
  • We are going to start introducing more table foods soon. Sarah's doctor gave us the okay for eggs, cheese, and even peanut butter. I may hold off on the peanut butter for a while though.
  • Sarah stands without holding on to things for nearly a full minute. And when she starts to lose her balance she gets up on tiptoe and does this little hop dance thing.
  • She is cutting 6 teeth. The pediatrician said we are in for a rough few weeks. One of her top two is already visible but the rest of her teeth are just little red bumps on her gums.
  • Her laugh recently changed to this adorable giggle! I LOVE IT! However Daddy always gets more laughs than Mommy, which I think is totally not fair!
  • Oh and she likes to play the drop it and you pick it up game. I HATE that game. Especially if we are in a public place.
All in all, my baby is well on her way to becoming a more independent person. I can't believe that in 3 short months we will be having her first birthday party. Mama needs to get on the ball and start planning and picking a theme/decor idea for it.

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