Monday, January 31, 2011

My Poor Girl

Saturday must have been the roughest day of her life. Well, maybe her actual birthday was worse considering she wasn't breathing when she was born, But Saturday was pretty rough on her too. It's a pretty interesting story though.

Sarah has been working on perfecting her new skill of standing without using anything to pull up on. Sometimes she can do it and manage to stay pretty stable and other times she falls flat on her butt. Anyway, she was next to Daddy on the floor and decided to stand up and show off her amazing standing abilities. Unfortunately Daddy was working on his laptop (work deadlines and all that) and Sarah did not have one of her stable stands. She fell and smacked the corner of his laptop with her head. She immediately started screaming and I started freaking out!

Ryan picked her up and a huge goose egg was already forming above her eye. I had Ryan go get one of her teething rings out of the freezer to put on her head. She was still crying at this point, it took a good couple of minutes to calm her down. She let her Daddy hold that frozen ring to her bump for a long time. I was pretty impressed. After she calmed down enough, we gave her some ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling. And soon enough the whole incident was just a memory, and if it hadn't been for the giant purple knot, no one would have known she hurt herself. (I'm surprised I didn't freak out more. I honestly don't do well with medical things! Luckily there was no blood involved.)

Shortly after she got back to her regular self, it was bath time. Sarah loves her baths, anything that involves water is a sure fire way to get her to smile. (When she's having a really cranky day, I sometimes stick her in the tub to get her to cheer up.) So Ryan was doing the bath routine and I guess Sarah decided to try and crawl away. We haven't ever bathed her in an infant tub. Once she got too big for the sink, it was into the tub with a yellow sponge or a rubber grip mat. Well, I guess the rubber mat didn't do its job. She somehow flipped over and scratched her shoulder/upper back on the drain. Crying started all over again. (Our drain is one of those that you push down to plug the tub so it has a little knob that sticks up.) OUCH! Ryan got her calmed down and ready for bed.

On top of all this, she is battling a cold again. She's pretty congested and has a sad cough. Luckily, all that remains of her battle wounds from Saturday are a red mark on her head and a tiny scratch on her shoulder. But we are still dealing with a sick and teething baby. So instead of ice packs and ibuprofen, I am armed with saline drops, humidifiers, and tissues!

I hope you all had an injury free weekend!


Nikki said...

This phase where they are constantly bumping their heads is so hard. We're just entering it and seems a day doesn't go by where we don't have to console a crying baby. I hope Sarah feels better soon.

The Siders House Rules said...

Oh dear. Poor little girl is right. I'm sure that must've been so hard seeing her get injured like that. I don't know how that gets easier, or how moms get to the point where they can more or less shrug it off. Will we be like that? I have a boy so I'd better toughen up, huh?