Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Things Are Happening

That's right, lots of big things are happening around here.

One I think we may have found a sleep system that is working for us and Sarah. it involves putting her in her crib and letting her cry for about 10 minutes. After that Daddy goes in and sits with her and either sings or talks to her. After about 20 - 30 minutes she falls asleep. She immediately stops crying once Ryan goes in there. We are hoping that eventually she will just be able to fall asleep on her own, but until then we are going to stick with this and gradually back off the amount of time Ryan is in her room.

Another big thing going on is that I cooked dinner the other night and everything came out wonderfully. You should know, that I lack nearly every domestic skill known to mankind. I can't sew, I abhor cleaning house, and nearly everything I cook comes out of a box. But last night I made breaded chicken, green bean casserole, and cornbread with honey butter! The chicken came out moist, the casserole was delish, and cornbread is always good! I was extremely happy about how well everything turned out and it actually gave me the motivation and confidence to try out more recipes. So I am open to suggestions!

I have been making it a point to leave the house or do something different in our routine each day, and it has been making a world of difference in my mood and Sarah's too. My sister didn't have school Monday so she spent the day with us and whenever you have someone over, it just makes time go by so much faster. Tuesday I had my brother in-law over because his elementary school was closed for the day. He was so helpful. It made me realize why people would space out their kids so that the older ones could be more independent and help out when needed. Wednesday (yesterday) we got snowed in, but Daddy got to come home early and work from home. This made Sarah super happy. And today was a snow day for my sister so she came back over and spent the day with us! A little randomness thrown into our routine made everyone a much happier camper.

Oh and my camera is finally charged again so you all can expect more pictures of Sarah soon. That means Wordless Wednesdays will be back so hopefully my blogging attempt will go back to at least once a week. It's been rather pathetic lately.

And the last big thing is that changes are coming to this family. That's all I have for now. But stay tuned for more on this last one.


Lex said...

i love reading your blog :) i found your site through the "young and fun SAHM" group...(i belong too, but have yet to make it to an event)....anyway, i can totally relate to many of your posts :) thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

I'm SO curious as to what the "last one" might be.... miss you guys!

The Siders House Rules said...

Wow, look at that. So many things remedied so quickly. Sarah sleeping, you cooking, both of you trekking about the KC metro. I'm impressed. I think it's great that you're chronicling all this on your blog. You're making progress quick, Mom. Keep it up. :)