Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Changes

My little girl won't be the only baby in our family for much longer. It appears that we will be joining the ranks of two under two. It's both a thrilling and terrifying experience for me. But I know that God won't give me more than I can handle. Unfortunately I have a hard time not worrying about some of the logistical things like two car seats, double strollers, nap times and so on. I also worry about how Sarah will adjust to all the changes a new baby entails, but I know that she will most likely do better than I think she will. Although having already done this once, the fear of the unknown is gone and I have more confidence in my ability to handle the newborn stress.

I feel like I have been keeping this to myself for a LONG time. Perhaps this is why my blogging has been a little lazy lately. Every time I sat down to write a post, I found that the only thing I really had to say was that I was pregnant! I have been dying to tell everyone, but wanted to wait until closer to second trimester. Mostly because I have been through the "untelling" before and it wasn't fun and also because there were some people I felt needed to be told before I broad casted it to to the internet. Anyway since we had a good ultrasound, a good first appointment, and now that I am almost 10 weeks, I am okay with letting you all know about baby number two.

Physically, I have been feeling pretty okay. I have bouts of nausea, but nothing compared to what I had with Sarah. Mostly I just feel tired a lot. In fact that's sort of what tipped me off. I was taking evening naps for a few days straight and could barely keep my eyes open past 10:00. (Which if you know me is UNUSUAL.) Lucky for me though, most of the time I am not feeling good, Ryan is home and able to take over on Sarah duty.

But here is a picture of our new little bean that should be arriving sometime around August 24th!

The baby is up at the top of the black circle and yes we have the picture framed with a KSU magnet on our fridge.
Any prayers for our growing family and this new baby will be very much appreciated! I know I will be praying for grace and patience as I go through another pregnancy while trying to be a functional and good mother to my girl!


Nikki said...

Congrats! I'm praying for a happy and healthy pregnancy

Jessica said...

Yay!! Very excited for you! Love the blog :)