Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Always Different at Grandma's ...

So it's no surprise to anyone that Sarah has really developed a strong personality! (At least it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that knows me.) Well, this girl definitely knows what she likes and what she dislikes and I have been keeping a little checklist of those things. For example:
  • Milk in a bottle
  • Water in a sippy cup
  • Applesauce pouches (Really these things rock and they taste FANTASTIC)

  • Soothie pacifiers
  • Putting things inside of other things (You know because everyone needs bagel pieces in their shoes ...)
  • Being outside
  • The dogs (Although the dogs don't always have warm cuddly feelings towards her.)
  • Playing in water
  • Milk in a sippy cup (Cup gets chucked across the room and Mama gets the stink eye)
  • Eating meals (Ugh such a stress for us, really it is)
  • Swinging at the playground
  • Getting her nose wiped
  • Diaper changes
  • Being told no

These two lists are things that anyone watching Sarah should probably be informed of right? My mother in-law watches Sarah for us every week while we have Bible study and I tell her if anything new has been added to these lists. Well, I might as well just chuck the lists like the sippy cup of milk!

Everything on the "Dislike" list is on the "Like" or "Tolerates Without Throwing a Tantrum" list at Grandma's house! We came to pick up Sarah after our date night (Bible study was cancelled) and I walk in to see my child eating an apple and drinking milk from a sippy cup! WAIT, WHAT? How did my mother in-law do that? I'm going with it's magic!

Seriously, Sarah willing does everything/tolerates ALL of the stuff on the dislike list for her! They went to the park and Sarah didn't want to get out of the swings. When I put her in the swing, she cries! She eats everything in sight, takes milk from a cup, doesn't cry when her nose is wiped or her diaper is changed, and she doesn't act like the world is ending if Grandma says no! I was shocked when my mother in-law told me this. I mean, here I am thinking I'm giving Grandma all these great inside tips and my daughter goes and flips everything on me. It's kind of funny really! I guess it's just the change of scenery, and at least this way I know she'll eat A LOT at least once a week!

My silly girl just likes messing with me! I'm sure of it. Just when I think I might have a handle on this whole mom thing, she changes things. Although I'm sure those changes are only for Grandma and she'll still fight me on all those dislike things.

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