Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Baby

I'm sure I've mentioned before that Sarah absolutely LOVES water. And our afternoon outside just totally reaffirms that fact. We had a few errands to run today and when we finished our shopping I headed over to my mom's house to borrow something.

Once we got there, Sarah started begging to go outside. (She loves being outside also.) I have no problem taking her out to play, but we were in a heat advisory today and I really didn't think it would be the best idea. So after distracting her for a little while, she went back to the door and begged to go out again. So we slathered on the sunscreen and went out to play in my mom's front yard.

I picked up the hose to water some flowers while Sarah was playing with her car and here comes my water loving baby! She ran into the stream of the hose, and planted herself there for the next half hour. My mom and I took turns spraying her with the hose and letting her play in it by herself. Her clothes were soaking wet and her little feet were coated in wet grass cuttings. She had a BLAST!

The only downside to her love of water, is when it's time to come inside/get out of the water. This afternoon was slightly ridiculous. I had to chase her down and get her clothes off before I wrapped her in a towel to come in. Her clothes had to be wrung out and I left them to dry outside. She screamed bloody murder and threw a full out tantrum because she needed to come in. Normally I would let her play until she was too tired to play anymore, but despite the heat advisory, her lips were turning blue and she was obviously cold.

So the tantrum and struggle to get her dried off and changed went on. After getting her dresses, I was able to wrap her in a light blanket and snuggle with her for a few minutes. Then it was obvious that naptime was just around the corner. (I don't have Sarah on a very strict schedule, I just kind of follow her cues.) So I loaded her into the car and back home we went. Luckily she fell asleep in the car and I was able to get her inside and down in her crib for her nap!

So the point of this whole post? I cannot wait for the pools to open this summer. I can see my afternoons and days going much smoother when the pools open because I will have something she loves at my disposal. My pregnant butt will be camped out there in order to keep my easily bored daughter entertained. Since I have a water loving kid, I guess it's time I find a maternity swimsuit. I just don't want to spend lots of money on one....

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