Friday, May 13, 2011

Things That Sound Good Right Now

  1. A big old pitcher of Southern sweet tea! Ever since my honeymoon in Charleston, SC I've missed the true sweet tea of the south.
  2. Warm, clear weather. We had a few days of glorious almost summer like temperatures and now it's in the 50s and rainy again. So goes Kansas...
  3. A cleaning service, because sometimes I just don't want to or can't do it all. Although, now I have a great little helper. Sarah loves using the Swiffer!
  4. A limitless supply of food in my pantry/refrigerator. No, not because I am pregnant and I'm always hungry! I want this because I have a VERY picky toddler! One day she likes something, the next she doesn't. Trying to find foods that she will eat consistently makes for a big grocery bill.
  5. $100,000, because everyone needs a little extra cash. Student loans and credit card debt would be all gone and we'd even have enough to get our own house and go on a very much wanted vacation!
Gotta love wishful thinking. Honestly, life isn't bad right now. Things are going very well with our little family. Sarah is doing amazing! She is finally sleeping through the night on an almost nightly basis. (Let's hope I didn't ruin our streak.) She's always learning something new and she's just so smart it amazes me! We are in a play group on Wednesdays now and Sarah loves getting to be around the other kids. Plus, it gives me something to look forward to, because I get adult interaction. 

Baby Boy (who is still nameless and probably will be until he's 2) is growing right on track and moving around like crazy! He's really low though which accounts for my recent waddle instead of walking. The only bad news is that I have my glucose tolerance test soon and my Rhogham shot. (Ick needles.)

Anyway, here's hoping the weekend is full of more good times for us!

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The Tiny Team said...

Hmmm, those things sound good to me too! Let me know if you find them lying around! haha!


p.s. cute blog!