Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Already?

I am pretty sure that the second half of this week just flew by! I remember thinking on Wednesday that the week was dragging, and now here I am with a weekend that's almost gone. But it's been a good few days for us.

Thursday, my mom came over and helped me get a start on organizing Sarah's room and closet to make space for our son's stuff that will be stored in there. We plan on having him in our room for the first couple of months at least and then maybe having the kids share Sarah's room. There's no specific timeline laid out for us and I'm totally okay with that. I prefer to have more flexibility than structure when it comes to parenting.

Friday we had a play date at the pool with our friends Jamie and Bo! She is a friend from my life group (Bible study) and her son is the cutest little two year old. Sarah and Bo get along so well, and they are fricken adorable together. Thursday was the first time that Sarah really seemed to be communicating with him and she said his name over and over and over again. She even talked about him before we left for the pool and after we got home. Apparently Bo does the same with Sarah. Maybe a future romance? At the very least, they have a blooming friendship.

And today was a really interesting Saturday for me. See, I accepted a position on the leadership team for MOPS last night and we had a planning meeting from 8:00 to 4:00 today. I don't usually spend that much time away from Sarah, and I rarely leave her before she wakes up for the day. I was a little worried that she would be a handful for Daddy today, but she wasn't. Ryan and Sarah were able to spend the whole day together and I was glad they got to have that quality time. It's not that often that I am away for extended periods of time, and it's good for her to realize that Mommy doesn't have to be the one that does everything for her.  Anyway, I am really excited about MOPS for this coming school year and where God is going to lead us! Although the next few weeks have to potential to be really crazy with all the start up for MOPS really getting going and the baby due in a little over three weeks!

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