Sunday, July 3, 2011

15 Months Old

Technically she turned 15 months old yesterday, but she's still 15 months old today so it counts right? And she doesn't have her 15 month check up until Wednesday so I'm going to consider this post pretty much on time.

The one thing I can tell you for sure about this age, is that I love it! Sarah is so much fun to interact with on a daily basis. She's constantly learning something new and she is such a little joker! This girl knows how to get a reaction from you and if you don't give her the one she wants, she keeps trying until she finally gets the laugh or smile or cheer that she was expecting.

I think some moms are perfect for the cuddly newborn stage. Their arms are made to hold babies and they instinctively know just what it is that baby needs. Others are made for the toddler stage. They thrive on the activity and bustle of keeping an active kiddo entertained. They get really excited about teaching things like colors, words, and, animal sounds! I believe I fall into the second category.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Sarah as a newborn and I will love my son as a newborn. And not every mom will fall into one category or the other, but I personally feel that I am much more comfortable with a toddler that can semi-communicate than I was with my brand new baby. Although, my heart does leap into my throat every time she takes a tumble and gets scraped. And there are times when I think I may pull out all of my hair because of toddler tantrums.  Still I think the fun and excitement outweigh the frustrations most of the time. We haven't hit the terrible twos yet so I may change my mind. But with that being said, I am one proud toddler mama!

Sarah is such a smart girl and she is learning something new everyday. I'll do her stats after her doctor visit on Wednesday.

  • She can identify pictures of a: frog, bear, bird, duck, puppy, kitty, fish, bottle, baby, monkey, and various family members
  • Knows the sounds of: elephant, puppy, kitty, bird, owl, bear, dinosaur, frog, monkey, cow, and car
  • Has an ever increasing vocabulary: bye bye (so cute), binkie, baby, kitty, puppy, sit down, Mommy, Daddy, cheese, please, thank you (dank oo), outside, bubbles, ball, hi, fish, sheep, and she pretty much can repeat what you tell her to
  • She can say the names of a lot of the pets in our families: Koko, Rowdy (Rowbie), Penny (Pemmy), Hector (Hot tea)
  • So active: she runs, spins in circles, wrestles, gives hugs, gives kisses
  • Oh and a major milestone we hit ... having enough hair for pigtails!!
Remember those tumbles that result in scrapes? Yeah she fell on Grandma's porch and scared me!

Too cute!

I'm so excited that she has enough hair for this!

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